September 23, 2023 12:56 pm

Coup or Psyop? Neither


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Coup or Psyop? Neither


The internet was and still is abuzz about Prigozhin’s complete meltdown. The NAFO crowd was reacting like it was the end of Putin and Moscow was being sacked. The fake news was never ending. The Russophiles spun everything harder than a Trumpanzee into a game of 4D chess where the whole thing was just a psyop. A psyop with no obvious gains. There was no attack on Wagner and no coup, just a theatrical jar shaker who fell on his face. There was an open spaz out by a delusional neurotic rich guy losing his toy. The crusty old Jewish oligarch for one did not create Wagner, and was a not a military planner. He never served in the military and has no military experience despite always wearing a uniform.

He was a weak but wealthy old man trying desperately to hold onto power. At the end of June Wagner units were being absorbed into different Russian military outfits. This was too much for the gremlin. He had been at odds with the Russian defense ministry for many months. He fancied himself the real commander who “knew better” than the suits in Moscow. But he was also a suit, a chef, well not even that, he owned catering comapnies. His role in Wagner was essentially his wealth. He was a businessman not a military man. He was not planning the tactics on the ground, the commanders were. It does not matter how many videos he posted of himself staring at and drawling lines on a giant table map, on telegram.

This neurotic fool fell for every fake story from Ukrainian telegram groups. He would reiterate all the NATO talking points which did nothing but undermine morale as it was designed to do. He thought his forces were about to be enveloped just days before the complete capture of Bakhmut. He had a temper tantrum about a lack of ammo that wasn’t real. Round the clock shelling proved there was no lack of ammo. Some have speculated that he knew this and was stockpiling it for his planned mutiny. I just see it as part of his normal routine of hand waving and panicking. He filmed himself in front of Wagner corpses as he did more kvetching.

He had already become the copium of Ukraine as the so called leader of the so called powerful Wagner group pissed and moaned like a girl who was stood up on prom night. Some spun this to be a psyops too that he just trying to lure more Ukranians into Bakhmut by pretending he was on the ropes. Not so as in the most recent mutiny he cited this example again by repeated the lie that he wasn’t being given enough ammo and that the Russian military didn’t have the right plans or command, but you see HE knows better. Why lie about the ammo now? Bakhmut is over and Wagner wasn’t seeing combat. It is because it was never a trick, it was him stuck in full panic mode, in love with his grandiose vision of himself.

He would go on telegram daily and openly express his desperation and fears. Now why do that? There are formal ways to complain up the command chain without doing a public display. But for an egomaniac everything has to be a public display. He was aiming the whole time to get people in the rank and file to join him. He took credit for every Wagner success while acting like Russian command made him do it with one arm tied behind his back.

There was no 4D chess. This failed mutiny was seen coming from far away. Even people on ANC Report were calling to have him arrested months ago. The US intelligence certainly knew of his plans and encouraged it at minimal. But in the end despite full Zio-Media fanfare, it was just an embarrassment. Not one officer not even within Wagner joined his cause. The majority of Wagner despite being lied to stayed where they were.

Prigozhin made his stunt lecturing actual officers about his beliefs and citing fake news to back himself up. He made a bunch of hand waving claims but did not produce any documents to backup his smear on the Russian defense ministry. Most laughable of all was the false flag he used as a pretext to begin his so called march for justice. Pri-Gremlin claimed that the Russian military had bombed Wagner camps in the rear AND killed 2000 people. Oh and a bus full of civilians. I was waiting for the part about German Shepherds with poisoned fangs chasing them across an electric floor. His proof of course was a telegram video. Hey why not bust out TikTok too? He had a very lame and very quickly debunked video that was supposed to be this bombing followed by nothing more than a guy running through the woods yelling like an Eastern Europe Paul Rever that the Russians were coming.That was it. Congratulations Prigozhin you are the new Benedict Arnold only at least was a real military commander.

Now the NAFO jumped all over this because they don’t care what is true or not and they don’t argue in good faith. But others fell for this as well. The is NO motive for Russia, in the middle of a war it is winning, to suddenly bomb the Wagner group in the rear. Of course they denied doing such a thing and there is no evidence this ever happened. But that didn’t matter because look a guy yelling in the woods on telegram. Best of all even Prigohzin himself admitted this when he said there wasn’t or was very little bloodshed in his capitulation speech. What happened to the 2000 guys or was it two million now?

Wagner mainly stood down and Prighozin took a core group who he had lied to on his little caravan to almost Moscow. They lied about that too. They claimed to be much closer than they were and yet a bridge shown in their footage placed them far further away than they claimed. Of course Twitter didn’t care. They were saying Putin had fled Moscow. They claimed Wagner was capturing a nuclear weapons depo and that Russian military were joinging Prigohzin in droves. The claims they made in the Mario Nawfal Twitter Space were so outlandish it would make even Alex Jones blush. Hours later they all had to eat crow.

Now I was invited to that space with Elon retweeted, but I was unable to speak or listen to it as I like many were booted from the group seconds after joining it. This seems to be a bug not censorship otherwise why invite me at all? I suspect Twitter still as many shadow banning codes floating around. They discovered recently that even Musk himself had limits on his account.

No this was not all planned with Prigozhin either. They were not concealing troop movements. You can’t conceal movements of that size or do any big arrow moves without being noticed. This is the satellite era. More than likely Russia was waiting for this time bomb to go off and anticipated dissolving Wagner would push him over the edge. Wagner was sent back to their camps and captain paranoid was exiled to Belarus. Killing or jailing him would make him a western Martyr. Making him yet another exiled Jewish Oligarch was perfect. He does have SOME loyalists and because of the Ukraine situation the last thing Moscow needs is an internal fight. The safest thing at the moment is to just deport the troll agitator. He isn’t worth the risk or any type of civil war even f it is just to crush a couple thousand loyalists. It would look terrible and hurt relations and trust with Russian allies. This again is why you know it was not a pysop. Nothing is gained from it. Russia looks unstable and Putin looks weaker for not having this guy under control. The Kremlin is not for the Gremlin.

The drama has passed and now its back to Ukraine’s failed offensive, where so far, they cannot even get out of the grayzone.

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