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How Close Is Morrison to the Exit Door?


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How Close Is Morrison to the Exit Door?

By Alan Jones

Well, another Newspoll where 47 percent of voters believe Labor will win the next election and only 37 percent believe it will be the Coalition.

The two-party preferred 53-47; and, for the first time since March last year, Anthony Albanese leads Scott Morrison on approval figures.

His net negative approval is minus 6; Scott Morrison’s is now minus 8.

When I was the speechwriter for Malcolm Fraser, everyday he made a simple point. If we can get all genuine liberal people to vote Liberal, we’ll win the election.

Scott Morrison continues to drift in the polls because he inhabits a virtual policy vacuum.

It might give some a warm inner glow, but all this nonsense about Glasgow impresses very few Liberal voters.

They worry why their children were locked out of school; they worry why their leader instituted an unconstitutional national cabinet which merely empowered Labor Premiers; they worry why, in the mayhem that these Premiers have created, the Prime Minister remains silent.

The combined total debt of States and Territories will reach 159 per cent of operating revenues by 2024.

In dollar terms, the State debt will more than double between 2019 and 2024 from $270 billion to $588 billion; and Victoria will lead the charge.

Their debt will triple what it was in 2019.

Of course, low interest rates keep borrowing costs “manageable” but that won’t go on for years; and the two most locked down States, Victoria and New South Wales, are unlikely to gain their triple A credit ratings “in the next few years” according to the credit rating analysts Standard and Poors.

In any normal circumstances, a Federal Government whose disproportionate response to Coronavirus sees Australia heading towards a trillion dollars of debt – such a government would be out the door, except the voter is then prompted to consider Anthony Albanese.

Jennie George was the first female ACTU president and a Labor Federal Parliamentary member for nine years.

She has described Anthony Albanese’s climate change pledge to create 604,000 new jobs as “unbelievable”, which would make the ink go dry on the Labor party’s political suicide note.

604,000 new jobs but only 64,000 are direct jobs; 540,000, indirect.

As Jennie George rightly says, “the multiplier effect used in Labor’s promise of 540,000 indirect jobs is so high as to make it unbelievable”.

She makes the perfectly valid point that steel, which is the backbone of the Illawarra regional economy, has a multiplier effect of 3-5 for every direct job, so as Jennie George said, “how did Labor’s modelling arrive at an extraordinary multiplier of 9 in calculating the number of promised ‘indirect’ jobs”; and as she rightly says, “while much has been made of the supposed jobs to be created, no mention was made of the job losses under Labor’s plans”.

Well may we ask if 64,000 direct jobs will be created, what happens to the 100,000 workers in coal mining, integrated steel making, fossil fuel generation, gas and oil extraction?

What must Meryl Swanson be thinking who represents the marginal Hunter coal-mining seat of Paterson. She says, “I want people who are in good, secure, blue-collar mining and industrial jobs to feel secure and for them to know I am fighting for them”.

Meryl Swanson is an outstanding representative of these people, people whom she rightly says have, “literally poured blood, sweat and tears into this region”.

Labor will argue that outfits like the Business Council of Australia are supporting big business driving down emissions in what will virtually be a carbon price; but, of course, big business has foregone, some time ago, any commitment to the worker.

If it’s a cost to big business they merely pass it on the consumer.

The fact that Labor says they’re supporting what business wants is little comfort to the bloke in the Jackie Howe singlet.

Jackie Howe was a legendary Australian sheep shearer at the end of the 19th century from whom the singlet takes its name.

The most astonishing thing about the Labor announcement is that amidst all the contradictions about jobs, Anthony Albanese said it was time, “to put the climate wars behind us…”, when he has walked back onto the political battlefield of climate change where Labor have been beaten election after election.

It may well be that the only person who can save Scott Morrison is Anthony Albanese.

But, even then, Mr Morrison may be so far behind that the ground can’t be made up.

Here’s what others had to say:

Michael Glisic
Don’t want either of them to lead our country. None are competent for it and have let the Australian people down!

Mary Summers
Wouldn’t vote for either major party ever again. They’ve all got selective deafness when it comes to the public

Doris Pace
They have all sold us out. My vote will be going to minor parties.

Walter Santoli
The words that will haunt Morrison

Colleen Lloyd
Libs / labor will not be getting my vote

Jade Petal Reweti-Nocera
Nope the ground can’t be made up but their both a waste of a vote same ideological views different party name I say ney to them both

Jess Friend
Where are these polls coming from? How many vote on it? Seems most dont hear about them until the results are released lol

Colin Pauline Smith
I’d like to think neither will have the numbers to form government after the treatment of the Australian people. Anyone cohorting with this cartel need to go as well you have abused your office and we want you gone.

Nick Pollock
This election will see the rise of the minor parties and this will create a significant problem for the major parties as they won’t be able to govern in their own right.

Tammy Carswell
Neither will be getting my vote.Very dissatisfied.Always voted liberal .Would never vote labor.But very disappointed how the country has been run for the last 2 years.

Sheerie Wales
No one wants the major parties at all. Due to their actions and/or inaction, Australia is a basket case and it’s getting worse by the day. Pretty sure we’ll be chucking the lot of them out.

Jay Jay
The next election will be an election of the minors. Will never vote major parties again. Liberal Democrats are the true libertarian party.

Jenny Ellem
I’m not voting for any major party, they have lost there way….

Fran Bigwood
Let’s hope neither of these parties (liberal or labour) get voted in !!

Michele Collins
No way will I vote for labour or liberal, I will vote for a true and honest independent.
This government has ripped us all apart, and they are doomed.

Scott Hall
I dont think the parliament was designed for parties. Should all be independent. That way, we would only get laws we actually need and infrastructure we deserve. This party crud is self-serving and a waste of good taxpayer money

Kim Ostman
A vote for labour is a vote for the greens, they will destroy mining and agriculture. Is that what the people really want, you will have unreliable power, food shortages, you won’t be able to travel, and the list goes on.

Andrew Lang
A vote for either is a vote for the corporation who usurped our constitution and sold out to foreign bankers. When will lib and lab voters wake up and get it. They don’t represent us they work for the owners in DC.

Opinion pieces don’t necessarily reflect the position of our news site but of our Opinion writers.

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