October 4, 2023 1:56 pm

How President Trump Is Exposing a Corrupt Technocracy


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By:  prayingmedic

Continuing my series on President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, today, I’ll explain the hidden goal he may have in mind as he deals with medical experts in his daily press briefings. Previous messages on this subject can be found herehere, and here.  A humorous but well-reasoned analysis of the drama surrounding the pandemic can be found here.

Let me begin by saying that the coronavirus pandemic is a serious medical issue. Hundreds of thousands of people have died from the disease. My intent is not to dismiss the reality of the suffering of its victims or mock the pain of their loved ones. My aim is to shed light on how the pandemic has been weaponized by corrupt people and how the President is countering this agenda.

Many people struggle to rightly understand the President’s words and actions because they take what he says or what he does at face value without considering the strategy behind them. There is very little that Trump does or says that doesn’t have a larger, concealed strategy in mind. POTUS may be the savviest strategist ever to occupy the White House.

When he argued with Congress for two years over funding for the border wall, he wasn’t actually hoping to get money from Congress for the wall. He knew Democrats in Congress would never agree to fund the wall. His goal was to publicly expose their desire to flood our nation with drugs and illegal immigrants. Trump planned to fund the wall with the Defense Department budget the entire time, a fact revealed by Q nine months before the President publicly mentioned the idea.

Praying Medic@prayingmedic

21) I believe Trump signed the spending bill because it fully funds the military which and POTUS have repeatedly said are a top priority. They rely on the military to offset the work of the deep state and they can’t afford to lose them right now.

Praying Medic@prayingmedic

22) Red_Castle
It’s just a guess, but the Army Corps of Engineers has as their symbol, a red and white castle.
Is Trump planning to build the border wall using Defense Department money and the corps of engineers?https://www.usace.army.mil

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I could cite a hundred more examples where Trump appeared to be doing one thing while he was actually doing something else. The greatest mistake you can make is assuming his real goals are in plain view. And that is the mistake Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx made when they agreed to host daily updates with POTUS.

One of the President’s main strategic goals is the exposure and removal of corruption. One corrupt component that must be dealt with is the deep state. A second is the dishonest and corrupt media complex.

Donald J. Trump


I am working hard to expose the corruption and dishonesty in the Lamestream Media. That part is easy, the hard part is WHY?

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There is a third element to consider. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx are representatives of the medical establishment. While organizations like the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization provide a service to society, they are part of the medical branch of a technocracy that makes decisions that deeply affect our lives.

1. The control of society or industry by an elite group of technical experts.

There are many examples of how an elite technocracy holds power over us. Taxpayers have been forced to surrender their hard-earned money in support of the Paris Climate Accord, an agreement between nations that has the stated goal of reducing carbon emissions. Dr. Shiva explained in this video how the Paris Climate Accord is a scam designed to enrich politicians at the expense of taxpayers while doing nothing to reduce carbon emissions.

We don’t dare dispute the views of climate scientists lest we risk being called “science deniers.” Express your belief that the deep state exists and the media will label you a “conspiracy theorist.” Dispute their reporting, and they’ll accuse you of using “alternative facts.” The technocracy remains in power by claiming to have superior knowledge and denigrating anyone who opposes them. President Trump, in his daily briefings, is exposing the corrupt tactics and ineptitude of medical technocrats.

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx rely on their medical expertise. They believe it puts them in a position of superiority in relation to POTUS. What they didn’t account for is the fact that even before he became President, Trump has had access to some of the best sources of intelligence in the world. He knows his deficiencies and he compensates for them by gleaning information from people who are experts in their fields. Why did he strongly (and publicly) support the unproven idea that hydroxychloroquine would be an effective treatment for Covid-19?

Do you think he just pulled that idea out of thin air?

A more likely explanation is that he spoke with a doctor (or several doctors) who had used hydroxychloroquine for other strains of the coronavirus, and they advised him to put all his money on it being the best treatment for Covid-19. This is just speculation, but it’s consistent with the way Trump operates. He seldom takes a poorly-calculated risk.

Regardless of how Trump came to support hydroxychloroquine, the fact that he made the right call on it while the experts have gotten so many things wrong. Their predictions on mortality and morbidity have been an abject failure, making Trump appear to be the more well-informed party.

Despite abundant evidence to the contrary, as late as January 14th, the World Health Organization claimed there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission of Covid-19, echoing the report issued by the Chinese government. Trump has used this erroneous report to illustrate problems with the World Health Organization. He is now hinting that he may cut funding to them.

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