February 23, 2024 6:27 pm

How To Stop The Central Bankers’ Power Grab!


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How To Stop The Central Bankers’ Power Grab!

By Walk The World

Time to act to save Australia from the Central Bankers’ Power grab. I discuss the impending legislation which would disable Parliament’s power to intervene on what the RBA does; with Robbie Barwick from the Australian Citizens Party.

We need to register our opposition to the bill which is being snuck in via the back-door of cross-party consensus. The very future of Australia as a democratic country is at stake. Call and email now!

Breaking news! Treasurer Jim Chalmers is preparing to introduce a bill to implement the RBA Review recommendations, including removing democratic accountability over the Reserve Bank, in two weeks – the last week of November.

Don’t let the major parties do a back-room deal to wave this bill through!

Help fight to protect the most important democratic protection in Australian law by calling and emailing three people immediately:

1. Treasurer Jim Chalmers: Electorate (07) 3299 5910; Parliament House (02) 6277 7340; Email: Jim.Chalmers.MP@aph.gov.au

2. Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor: Electorate (02) 4658 7188; Parliament House (02) 6277 4362; Email: Angus.Taylor.MP@aph.gov.au

3. Your local Member of Parliament – click here to find your local MP’s details: https://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_M…

Tell them they have no right to repeal Section 11 of the RBA Act, which would give up the power of democratic accountability over the RBA and the banking system that political giants in history like John Curtin and Ben Chifley fought so hard to establish.

Here’s what others had to say:

Our two major political parties are “two cheeks of the same arse” as the Irish say of their political system.

So good to see someone (Robbie Barwick) with steadfast values and unswerving commitment to Australia and Australians.

The financial economy has been given unlimited resources at the expense of the real economy. Moneyprinting, QE, stimulus has kept the illusion that everything is fine going up til now. Make no mistake, this is the endgame. Zero percent interest-rate policies and financial repression simply do not go unpunished.
Then there’s the disconnect between power-hungry politicians that allowed the capture of science, statistics, media and education. If it feels like everything is politicized, it’s because it is. The de-regulation of the world of finance has led us to this point and the sheer in-equality and corruption is at peak levels. Something is already breaking, despite the propaganda by the wealthy elites.
The real economy simply cannot support this out of control financial bloodletting by investors, speculators, governments and corporations at the expense of working class people and the real economy. There’s only so much you can dump on taxpayers and expect everything to be solved by that. It doesn’t work anymore.
The only way out of this is a deep recession that cleans out the rot in the system. This has to coincide with politicians that recognize the need for sound monetary policies, for the sake of future generations. Because they’re completely shut out of owning a property or even secure a future pension/standard of living.
Prepare for a chaotic decade where economic realities will shatter the moronic ‘pivot’ nonsense and skyrocketing deficitspending.
We need adults in the room NOW.

The Rome Statute softened the Nuremberg position and the ICTY approach, at least where the order was not ‘manifestly illegal’. It separated the defence of superior orders from other defences, including duress, further departing from the Nuremberg applications. However, it framed duress narrowly, applying a utilitarian lens, and remained silent on its ambit regarding the crime of murder. Australia largely adopted the Rome Statute, including the defence of superior orders based on ‘manifest illegality’.

Allegations that special forces troops committed war crimes remain an acutely sensitive issue in Australia. A four-year inquiry by the inspector general of the Australian Defence Force, completed in 2020, found “credible information” of 39 murders of civilians and prisoners by 25 members of the Australian special forces in Afghanistan, described the killings as a “disgraceful and a profound betrayal” of the Australian military, and said they could not be attributed to the “fog of war”.

The mind boggles how Robbie can be so up in arms about the Australian Government constant push for authoritarianism yet FAIL to see the Chinese being worse as they’ve already done it to their citizens.

I will try to get around to this ths coming week. The monetary system is not fit for purpose and should probably be reformed. This sort of thing is a step in the wrong direction.

Eye opening book written by David Rodgers Webb, an eyeopener to the world of Government. The title is the Great Taking, well worth a read. Free download only 130 pages.

Oh let’s face it, Labor has no idea how money works. They will never sort anything out, but we certainly do not want the Central Bank to have total power. The simple solution to bring housing prices down is to release more regional land for housing, which has been locked up under the Sustainable Developmtn agenda of the U.N. since the 1980’s and improve public transport to these new communities where the Aussie lifestyle and freedom can be restored. That does not fit in with the WEF Smart cities agenda, and that is a very good thing.

Inflation is the expansion of the money supply prices rising are a symptom. The government’s globally increased the money supply during covid by around 50% directly into the M2. The Inflation is already out there and prices are going to rise on day to day items 50% ie if a chicken cost $9.00 in 2019 it will rise to $13.50. We have had rising inflation since 1960 but it was on the M1 but everyone was ok because it forced house prices up making everyone feel rich. If you want to curb inflation you need, first to shrink the government, 2 get rid of the reserve bank, 3 get rid of the debt based system and go back to capitalism, (there is no reserve bank in a capitalist system). These things aren’t going to happen which is why we will have an inflationary depression lasting at least a decade.

Australia is already beyond help, take advantage of medicare and check those blood pressure, sell your property and go live in Asia and come back to get on the pension. That’s the only solution for a better lifestyle and mental stress.

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Sadly, less than 0.5% of readers currently donate or subscribe to us But YOU can easily change that. Imagine the impact we'd make if 3 in 10 readers supported us today. To start with we’d remove this annoying banner as we could fight for a full year...

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