If you want to know what is truly happening in Melbourne/Victoria then you should read this investigation

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If you want to know what is truly happening in Melbourne/Victoria then you should read this investigation.

By Bernhard Guenther

VERY IMPORTANT RESEARCH — If you want to know what is truly happening in Melbourne/Victoria then I encourage you to read this investigation conducted by Dr. Russell McGregor.

Why Victoria?

This thread answers questions that many Victorians and people across the world have been asking, but disclosure so far has not been forthcoming.

Have we outsourced verification and creation of the VICTORIA COVID-19 outbreak to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?

The Victorian “second-wave” is being used by the American MSM to demand urgent mail-in voting for the Nov 2020 election.

The purpose is to build a “winter surge” narrative whereby voting in America is “unsafe”.

Mail-in votes will be fraudulent and allows for the defeat of Trump.

However many Australians do not understand there are gaps in the testing processes that could confer full control or formulation of the outbreak to the CCP.

Disclosure – I am a Deregistered Doctor.

I believe that external manipulation is extremely remote but practically possible.

As background, we know the Victorian Premier (equivalent to a State Governor in the US), Dan Andrews, is a pure Deep State criminal.

There have been many instances of Labor Party Politicians in Australia being integrated with Chinese money and the CCP.

Dan Andrews is the head of the Labor Party in Victoria.

Very important to note is that we have had mass importation of Chinese testing kits selectively into Victoria.

These testing kits use RT-PCR technology.

(Reverse Transcriptase – Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing kits.

Who makes these kits?

The kits are made by the: Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI)

I will say this again.

Essentially ONLY Victoria has imported these Chinese kits.

The other states rejected BGI and said they had capacity to ramp up production of Aussie kits.

The BGI kits were sourced by MINDEROO, an Australian company, with a long history of deals with China.

The Health Minister made a unilateral decision to get these kits DESPITE objection by the relevant body, PTA (Pathology Technology Australia).

PTA filed an audit saying there was “more than enough technology in the field”.

No tenders were made and the decision was to EXCLUDE Australian companies.

No transparent reasons were given.

Capacity to ramp up production existed.

The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) made a special legal exemption to grant BGI fast-track access to the Australian market.

The TGA is equivalent to the American FDA.

So MINDEROO procured 10 million test kits from BGI in April!

How on earth did they know Victoria wouldn’t need them?

Only 500,000 were required by May in all of Australia.

The cost for 10 million was A$189 ($US136) million.

There were also BGI Proprietary platforms/machines/reagents supplied to “read” the results.

MINDEROO got an extra $320 (US$230) million from the Australian Government for procurement.

MINDEROO is a virulent Deep State Trump-hating company.

Pathologically so.

This particular deal made massive profits for BGI – all paid for by Australian taxpayers.

The BGI testing kits were flown into Tullamarine Airport (Melbourne) on Chinese Airlines for delivery to Private Pathology Practices in Victoria.

They have been brought in batches, at intervals, since mid-May – just before the Victorian outbreak began.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) has written reports that BGI is a National Security Threat.

BGI has been accused of being an arm of the CCP and building a Genetic database of Western Populations as well as non-Han ethnic Populations.

This is ostensibly for genetic offensive weapons programs.

BGI has been building this database in Wuhan.


BGI is heavily integrated into elite American Universities.

Chinese money is used for Intellectual Property (IP) and Genetic theft.

There is no question that BGI was created/subsidised and controlled by the CCP to weaponise genetics for China.

BGI test kits were banned from California by the CIA as they were deemed a security threat.

www.aspi.org.au (https://www.aspi.org.au/report/genomic-surveillance)

ASIO/ASIS (pure Deep State organisations) have allowed BGI to operate unhindered in Australia.

They authorised the BGI RT-PCR test kits to replace the existing Aussie kits.

So how could the CCP potentially “create” the Victorian outbreak?

It all comes down to false-positives!

A false-positive occurs when someone is tested for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and returns a positive test but is actually virus free.

They are normal but the test says they are not.

False-positives are measured by the Specificity of the tests.

If a test is 100% Specific then no false-positives occur.

In other words every positive test is correct.

No testing kit ever has 100% Specificity under clinical conditions.

So by corollary, if a test is NOT 100% Specific THEN you will get false-positives and hence people being told they have COVID-19 when they don’t.

Theoretically, if the Specificity is low (say arbitrarily <98%) then the outbreak could build and continue forever – so long as testing continues.

Thus TEST TEST TEST creates never ending false-positives even IF the virus has actually disappeared!

Contract tracing of false-positive people creates more testing and more false-positives.

Indeed for this very reason, RT-PCR was NEVER intended (by the inventors) to be a population screening test.

RT-PCR was only meant to be used on selected patients with a high “index of suspicion”.

Nevertheless, it has been rolled out essentially as a population screen.

So why would this “create” an outbreak and deaths?

As you know most deaths have occurred in Nursing Homes.

Sadly 40% of new admissions to Nursing Homes die within 9 months.

The normal mortality rate in Nursing Homes is of course very high.

So if you mass screen Nursing Home patients with a low “index of suspicion”, which is currently occurring in Victoria, then many will be labeled as COVID-19 when they didn’t have it.

Obviously many of these false-positive patients will die.

This happens in Nursing Homes.

Hence the daily hype of COVID-19 deaths and positive tests could be a fraud IF the test kits have low Specificity.

Get it?

So let’s have a hard look at the BGL test kits in Australia.

As far as I am aware NOBODY has questioned them!

There are some serious gaps in these tests that we MUST seriously ponder and hypothesise.

However, before I get to these gaps I must do some Medfagging so you understand the process of how false-positives can occur with RT-PCR test kits.

Please bear with me before I get to the important stuff !

False-positives can occur due to:

i) Collection from the wrong patient – mislabeling

ii) Transcription mistakes – wrong result/data entry by the Lab Scientist

iii) Incorrect interpretation of the results by the Lab Scientist

iv) Contamination of primary specimen

v) Contamination of reagents in the kit by amplicon (piece of RNA used in testing process)

vi) Contamination by control standard

vii) Self-priming by amplification of non-specific PCR products from multiple cycling above the Cycling threshold (Ct)

viii) Non-target genetic material cross-reactivity

So let’s focus on the last one.

Maybe you’ve heard of people being worried COVID-19 testing may cross-react with the common cold, influenza or other pneumonia’s?

This is a very valid concern.

The test kits use things called primers and probes.

These are designed by the manufacturer to attach to parts of the target virus (SARS-CoV-2).

Many different primers/probes could be used to get the job done.

Many are essentially a mirror image of an interval or portion of the target section of RNA to be identified.

You do NOT want to choose primers/probes which also attach and identify other viruses (such as the common cold of which 15% are coronaviruses).

Obviously, if this happens you’ll be identifying the WRONG virus and will be getting a false-positive result.

So choosing the right primer/probe is CRITICAL to prevent cross-reactivity and identify the CORRECT virus.

So which primers/probes are being used by the Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) in their Victorian test kits?


This is being kept SECRET by BGI!

If we knew the primers/probes we could input the nucleotide sequences into BLAST or FASTA to find the EXACT cross-reactivity to other viruses.

Thus we would be able to ascertain the robustness of the testing kits.


BLAST is a database of the genetic sequences of pathogens held by the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information).

If we knew the primers/probes we would 100% know the cross-reactivity and have FULL confidence in the test kits – assuming no cross-reactivity found.

Why did the Australian/Victorian Government allow a CCP manufacturer to provide primers/probes that Australia cannot identify?

This is a National Security issue for a virus which has DESTROYED our economy!

So let’s play Devils Advocate and consider how the CCP could “create” an outbreak in Victoria?

Note – remember the outbreak is only occurring in Victoria where the BGL testing kits/platforms/machines/reagents are almost only being used.

All other states have minimal positive cases and deaths without these kits.

Indeed the Sensitivity of the Aussie kits were almost 100% (say 99.9% in NSW) – calculated by the very low (true or false) positive rates and large number of tests).

It’s very simple.

All the CCP would need to do would be to send batches of kits with different/dodgy primers/probes.

They could seed say 5% of their kits in a batch with subtlety different randomised primers/probes and nobody would be the wiser – it’s all a secret anyways.

So then just use these dodgy testing kits on Nursing Home patients and any that die WITH a false-positive test will be construed as having died OF the virus.

Indeed the CCP could accelerate or decelerate the outbreak simply by the proportion of dodgy primers/probes/reagents in each batch of kits!

Look, I’m not saying this is happening.

I believe it is not!

It is only a remote possibility.

However we have outsourced validation of the VICTORIAN outbreak to the CCP for NO logical reason!

This is a matter of National Security with immense social and economic sequelae.

So in effect we have:

Accidental abhorrent false-positives

Deliberate abhorrent false-positives

Do NOT look for these terms in medical textbooks – I just pulled them out of my left nasal fossae 5 minutes ago!

Combined they are known as the “McGregor Principle”.

Even the BGI software could be externally “hacked” to swing results any which way – like American voting machines.

Furthermore at any stage of the pre-analytical, analytical, post-analytical processes the CCP could inject Yuan backed Human Intelligence (HUMINT) to garner a desired outcome.

So what has been done by way of transparency?

The Doherty Institute in Melbourne has done a post-market validation study of the BGI kits.

Importantly this study was done on select BGI kits in April before the mass importation of kits in mid-May.

What did the study find?

It found a difference in Specificity (with some as low as 97.5% – even excluding pre-analytical errors) between batches (lots) of the BGL kits.


You would think this would be a Red Flag!

Nope – they recommended the BGL kits saying it was within parameters.

No explanation was given for the poor Specificity of certain (batches) lots but I assume they thought it was due to reagent amplicons.

Importantly; they have not done ANY more QUALITY CONTROL studies on the new mass batches of test kits/reagents which BGI has supplied since May!


No more QUALITY CONTROL of BGI against Gold Standard Australian Control tests!

I also note there is no disclosure by the Doherty Institute regarding Chinese affiliations/endorsements/Grants.

As you may recall I was the first Australian Citizen Journalist to note the association between AAHL, Geelong, Victoria and the engineered virus.

ASIO/ASIS knew of the AAHL link to Wuhan and did nothing.

I feel this must be factored into their reluctance to ban BGI.

As an aside AAHL has just changed its name to ACDP.

Nice one.

BTW – BGI has a subsidiary in Wuhan too.

NATA – National Association of Testing Authorities

VIDRL – Victorian Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory

Get your act together and give CONFIDENCE to the Australian community!

Please perform ongoing multiple independent QUALITY CONTROL studies of Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) COVID-19 products now!

We need to know this is not a CCP plandemic in Victoria!

Peer review appreciated.”

– Dr. Russell McGregor

 1,788 total views

*Note We Deliberately Miss Spell Some Words or Add Capital Letters To Get Around Big Tech Censoring.

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