December 5, 2023 7:33 pm

Israel Threatens to Assassinate Syrian President Assad


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Israel Threatens to Assassinate Syrian President Assad


If Hezbollah enters the Palestine Israel war – there will be repercussions according to Israel

Israel has recently made a series of unprecedented threats against the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance party and Syria’s President Bashar Al Assad.

Speaking through French negotiators Israel informed Hezbollah that “it is not interested in the war, but ready to wage it if it is imposed on [Israel]”. This was recounted by Israeli political sources to Hebrew media outlet Yedioth Ahronoth.

Israel has stated that it will not wage war “according to Hezbollah’s agenda and [the region] will witness strategic shocks”.

According to the message passed to Hezbollah by France – if Hezbollah fully commits to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinian Resistance factions, Israel will “resort to American power to suppress Hezbollah”. A clear admission that Israel is incapable of suppressing Hezbollah alone without US help. Added to which Israel knows that virtually the entire region is poised to intervene also.

Even states like Jordan who have good relations historically with the British neocolonialists and Israel have one of the largest diaspora Palestinian populations in the region that have been protesting in vast numbers to open the borders with Palestine to enter the conflict.

Israel also threatened the security of President Assad were Hezbollah to enter the war. In this scenario, Israel would confront and overthrow the Syrian government – a veiled threat was conveyed that there would be an assassination attempt on President Assad personally.

From the Aawsat article:

Military sources told the newspaper that the decision announced by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to bring the US aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford closer to the region was part of this threat.

The huge modern battleship carries 38 F-35, F-15, and F-16 fighter planes, and has a stockpile of 1,000 tons of weapons. It is accompanied by four small warships, a ship carrying missiles, and four nuclear war submarines, and is ready for combat.

The same military sources claimed that Israel had held talks with the Biden administration to request Congress’ approval to allow US forces to participate in an escalated conflict that would include Hezbollah.

According to a report in Sputnik Global on the 29th October, US Special Forces are already involved on the ground in Gaza:

A total of 5,000 US servicepeople took part in Israel’s overnight ground operation in northern Gaza, Iranian news agency reported on Saturday, citing sources.

The Israeli operation reportedly involved three divisions and several brigades of the US Armed Forces, according to the news agency.

There was also the scandal of Biden shaking hands with US Delta Force operatives in the Israeli-occupied territories and the photo being published without hiding their identity.

According to media leaks, a number of extremist ministers in the Israeli government are calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to wait for Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah to make a move. Rather he must exploit the war to launch a preemptive strike on the party. Netanyahu has been cautious and thrown the ball in the Israeli army’s court.

Army officials believe it was not wise for Israel to open the northern front, but they have stressed that if Hezbollah provocations persist, then “we will respond to them appropriately.”

The ramping up of anti-Iran rhetoric has been seen in the UK, US and by Israel:

On Saturday, an Israeli minister warned that the Hamas attack was just a ruse by Iran and would be followed by a surprise assault by Hezbollah.

“Iran is behind everything that is happening in our region… It pushed [Hamas] into war, and… will push [Hezbollah] to launch a second war,” the minister was quoted as saying.

The Israeli army announced on Oct. 5 that it was preparing “to conduct the largest massive training exercises to train on launching a broad, multi-front war” next November.

It added that these exercises will focus on the air force, with the unusual participation of the German, American, Italian, Greek and French air forces. Britain canceled its participation at the last minute and decided to send observers.

In 2018 Yoav Gallant, Israeli Minister of Defence since 2022, called for the assassination of President Assad – “[Assad] does not have a place in this world”

According to a report in Haaretz, Gallant made his threat very clear:

“In my view, we are crossing a red line. And in my view, the time has come to assassinate Assad. It’s as simple as that,” said Galant, who previously served as the head of the IDF’s Southern Command.

Galant likened the assassination of Assad to cutting off the “tail of the snake.” After that, he said, “we can focus on the head, which is in Tehran.”

President Trump, often portrayed as the deep-state-swamp-drainer, also said that the US should have assassinated President Assad in 2017. Instead he limited his response to yet another UK/White Helmet orchestrated “chemical weapon” event in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria – to a largely cosmetic launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles against Syria from the Mediterranean Sea.

I have always considered it not coincidental that the staged chemical weapon attack occurred AFTER Trump had wanted to withdraw US military from Syrian territory – an act of good sense roundly criticised by the UK regime who have primary control over the MI6-midwived White Helmet organisation embedded with Al Qaeda in Syria.

Syrian journalist Kevork Almassian has analysed the Israeli threat against the personal security of President Assad in this report:

Also this interview with former MI6 Alastair Crook:

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