September 26, 2023 7:25 pm

Maui Proof of Directed Energy Weapons & Elsewhere, Who Benefits From These Land Grabs?


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Maui Proof of Directed Energy Weapons & Elsewhere, Who Benefits From These Land Grabs?

By TruthIsUnbreakable


Here’s what others had to say:

I wanted to thank you for watching the video as this needed to be seen and/or share it. Plus, I written things and forwarded other information that needed to be said and shared in the description section. Not only we need to be aware of the evil doers plans, not only exposing them, but to rise up and stop these evil psychopaths and neutralize them permantely. As there are more of us than there are of the evil psychopaths. It’s true that the order followers zombies won’t change. The deliberate dumbing down of society continues. But if we can’t unite against the evil doers despite our differences and dealing with our own psychosis nothing will change. The only ones we can change is ourselves. Stop relying on some false idol and/or false prophet to save you. Seeking the truth is not only waking up to this and that event, but the truth about ourselves via awareness and continue working to improve ourselves is what matters as well. I prefer dangerous liberties over peaceful slavery. What are you truly fighting for?
Also, I would really appreciate the support during this difficult time while caregiving for my Mother with a brain aneurysm. Please help me cover the costs of my treatments so I can kick Scoliosis to the curb. I would really appreciate it.

13:22 – 13:26 in this video what do you see? I see something that is IMPOSSIBLE in an ordinary structure fire or bush fire event. There are clearly two tents on the front lawn of a burned out home that was “fully involved”.
I have over 25 years professional Fire Fighting experience, I can assure you that would never happen with these tents being an exposure to radiant heat in that proximity they would melt into a pool of sticky goo at that distance. House fires can get upwards of 1500F and the melting point of nylon and polyester used in tent construction are between 528F-800F depending on quality and formulation of construction.
Like the shills from Covid kept telling you folks…FOLLOW the SCIENCE!
This was a microwave DEW technology. Trees and telephone poles don’t burn from the inside out!

hawaiis governor said the area that “we’re not going to let foreigners come in and buy up this land so the land that was burned is now state land, we’ll figure out how to rebuild or maybe we’ll make this a memorial” they’re going to put up a smart city there i think. all these places they burn down it’s to get us in a prison.

My first thought was they burned this down to create 15 minute cities. Evil is coming through every thing that happens these days. For the people of Maui. Don’t trust the politicians. Don’t sign anything, protect yourselves.

Mass murder by a criminal government! DEW attack just like Paradise and Santa Rosa California.

This means anyone with metals in their blood stream (ex. graphene oxide), could have their blood boiled.

Wonder what would happen if people have certain nano tech “metals” in them if they were directly exposed to these “D.E.W.’s? God Bless us all!

If we can send $45 billion dollars to Ukraine how come the secret service has to rent a vehicle from Hertz rent a car.

The fact that only “government and cabal approved” media is permitted to cover this story online should tell you all you need to know about the origin of this attack and the intent to steer the narrative. ZERO citizen journalists or cell phone videos are permitted to post anything about the evidence. There is a total cover up in process so far that even locals are not being permitted to donate supplies nor assist with recovery in order to control access to the site and control the narrative %100. The Ministry of Truth 1984 has spoken!

At what point did the fire start? Why didn’t the back-up generators come on line for the power & cell towers? Why no emergency warnings? At this point into the event, we should know who, what & how. Other fires come with a very fast response.

Secret Service rental cars were more likely sabotaged by the Secret Service or intel agencies, themselves as a deliberate way to destroy all history of the vehicles and how they may have been used for unlawful purposes such as sex and drug events

Possibility of the “Secret Service” planting targeting devices to test fine tuning of DEW’s. This has been discussed on the Shawn Ryan Show #66 (Part 3). At the five minute mark, directed energy weapons are discussed. Further in the interview, it is stated we are at war. Considering the recent UFO and UAP revelations, are normies being prepped for a different reality?

If you think the Maui “wild fires” were not set intentionally you’re a sheep. Books are available already on Amazon about the fires. The government is already offering money for people’s homes/land… No coincidences…

Its not an energy beam you stupid hacks. Its microwaves. Thats why the air gets so hot and people jump in the water and how boats also catch on fire. You cant escape it. Its the new space weapon from above. They are now blatantly showing off their new toys.

They have us figured out. We instantly take to comment sections of videos, or on social media and talk about it. Nobody will do anything, because the online world is fake. We’re online, which means we’re waiting on line to enter the gas chamber. On the Internet, we enter a net, and get trapped in a World Wide spider Web.No channels count. Videos, comment sections, and all social media is a social experiment, and a way to figure out who will comply. We think the entire Internet CAN be private, but a room of maintenance can sift through every tap of a key. This thing is spiritual. We need an entire country of prayer warriors, but there are very few around. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities.” We need to go outside, meet with people, and talk, because online keeps us in line.

It’s kinda strange that I have to refresh just about every video on these fires, sometimes 3 or 4 refreshes before it will play through….so far I’ve made it through 4 minutes after 3 refreshes! Strange?

Hundreds have died as of the first day of he “fires” look at a video on Instagram from unjectedofficial. All one word. I saw a laser that started the fires on a video. It was video on Instagram he channel is called tHe Ideal.

The first time we saw this type of “fire” back in 2017 caught my eye as unnatural. I was trying to get people to look at the aftermath as well as listen to the victims and firefighter testimonies. Bright blue light and 80+ mph winds out of nowhere. It is shocking how so many people still believe this is normal. Good job calling out the BS. We all need to keep calling out the crimes. Eventually people will be forced to wake up

Just like Paradise, CA, yellow stone, and other places, maybe Oregon. I worry China could have done this, they are surrounding Japan and Tiwan, all the Islands. Could the govt. In Hawaii be compromised? Or are we in a war?

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