September 30, 2023 7:25 pm

“Putin Will Declare WW3 Within Days”- Defense Secretary


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“Putin Will Declare WW3 Within Days”- Defense Secretary

By Canadian Prepper

“Putin will declare WW3 in days” says UK defense secretary, Britain sending troops, major NATO exercises planned, Moldova front ready to flare up, Worst heatwave in pakistan and indias recorded history will lead to crop failures, coal shortages, bird flu human case in Colorado, unprecedented water shortages in California will increase food shortages all hell is breaking loose.

Here’s what others had to say:

Kevin Schmidt
Everything that is happening… All of these “controlled” events ? We can blame ourselves, parents, grandparents and anyone else who has allowed these people to infiltrate/dictate/irritate and annihilate the common folk. It’s so sad & discouraging that the majority of people are WOKE instead of being AWAKE. Keep up the good work Nate ! We appreciate you ! And it’s good to see that your health is back.

Le Vie en Róse
Nate the look on your face and the sound in your voice says it all and I feel the same, I’m just over it. I can’t help but feel nostalgic for how life was decades ago when they didn’t have so much access to information. They carried on and lived their lives, focused on problems one at a time that were directly affecting them instead of how we do it nowadays where we’re bracing for impact across the board.

Tyler Gentry
Again, thank you for everything you report to us. I stay prepared every day and have been for months now, but I also make sure my kids (3 years – 7 months) Have as normal and fun childhood as possible in these hard times. it’s very easy to get stuck in the madness in the world and forget about the small things in this life that make it great. Stay prepped but also try to live your life as best you can. Don’t waste the days! Thank you, Nate you’re much appreciated and the only person we trust with actual news. Stay safe buddy.

Mark Booth
To be honest I am not worried about a Russian ICBM type missile aimed at the UK, as Putin has said he would. I am more worried about a smaller aircraft launched hypersonic missile being launched from Kalingrad on the Baltic coast. A lot of people (non-Europeans) are not aware that Russia has a separate enclave (Kalingrad) on the Baltic coast, away from Russia itself. If a Russian aircraft were to launch a small low yield hypersonic missile at the UK from Kalingrad, that aircraft would never leave Russian airspace and the missile going fast and low at around 6,000 mph would be over London in around 6-7 minutes from launching, after crossing the Baltic and North Sea areas towards the UK. My main concern for the minute is a Malicious cyber hit on our power grid/gas/ water infrastructure and banking systems.

Ma Sa
Transnistria has a huge arsenal of weapons left over from Soviet times. Ukrainian officials have several times announced their plans to seize weapons and “help” Moldova solve the Transnistrian problem. There are also reports of Romanian military
in Moldova.
Another thing worth paying attention to is grain exports from Ukraine. Some European leaders even said that NATO should get involved and help to de-blockade Ukrainian ports and ensure the delivery of grain from Ukraine. But what they don’t talk about is that this year Ukraine has planted about one-tenth of what it normally plants. They also do not say that some of the grain Ukraine has already sold came from Ukrainian strategic reserves. And that in addition to the sold grain, part of the grain simply disappeared from the Ukrainian strategic reserves.

Daniel Lindberg
Hey man I just wanted to say thank you for doing the research on the state of the world and keeping us viewers informed. I don’t know when I subscribed but I’ve been watching your prepping videos for years and you stand out from the other survival channels on YouTube. I stay out of the mess that most other social medias provide and Canadian prepper has always been the source that I trust, from the beginning of the pandemic to this, I appreciate the information that you put out on current events. Thank you and god’s speed.

John Akers
Keep frosty folks! Your mind is the most dangerous thing in your tool kit.
Panic is the mind killer.
Think your way through, rash behavior often have consequences.
I have vanquished every enemy and obstacle in my way in life by thinking my around or through. Keep calm cool and collected. Confidence is key, even if it’s just a show for others so they dont panic. Panic is contagious as we will all soon see. Be above it , plan accordingly.
Good luck and God speed.

Kira Saranczak
I’m in my late 20s and trying to explain all this to my friends is a nightmare. They aren’t listening and I am so concerned for their wellbeing.

Geordie Neil
I don’t believe for 1 second the 8000 troops are heading East for war games. We are positioning troops to bolster that eastern front. Lines are being drawn, it’s a warning to russia.

Brenda Phillips
I think what many people are failing to realize is: first of all …. They’re not going to broadcast everything they’re doing. Either side for that matter. Secondly: with today’s technology and defense weapons 8k is a large number … which in effect IS making a statement. Whether we agree/disagree ….. I really feel WWIII is getting geared to become astronomical at its core, and life altering across the globe. Stay safe everyone, keep your faith ✝️ and store whatever you can. Much love y’all!

Lex Lexington
Hi Nate ! Thank you again for posting all those daily updates on the situation ! I’ve been following you for what…the past 8-10 years ? You have no idea how you’ve been influential for my own preps, from city dweller in Montreal to homesteader now with large a garden and chickens. Life has been much better in the country than stuck in the city.

Sandie Mom
It is quite sickening that the US spends so much for others and doesn’t help their own. I started my first 5 years in Canada but ended here in the States. I was watching another preper board they were talking about bug out bags and such. I commented how hearing that scares me. As I’m a single parent to a disabled child. Recently my car and phone broke. So we would have no way to bug out( leave) I can barely afford to feed my son and get his medical supplies. So prepping I can’t do. Yet my government won’t help women like me and others who need help. Love your videos..

The man was part of a crew of inmates nearing release who had been working at the farm before a case of bird flu was confirmed there on April 19, said Lisa Wiley, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Corrections. When bird flu was detected at the farm in Montrose County, the inmates were asked to help kill and remove the birds.

Glad you took a break, thank you for the update today. People everywhere rely on you. There is nothing more I can do. I am unprepared. But that is life. I guess I worry about the life my 4 kids will have. It will suck to be robbed of a fortunate life for them. Trying to stay positive for the kids.

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