Real Charity vs. Depraved Charity

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By Chris Rossini

Trump’s Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, is going through her confirmation hearing. At one point Senator Bernie Sanders brought up “tuition-free” colleges, one of the many unicorns that live in progressive imaginations. Mrs. DeVos replied to Sanders with a rational statement. She said: “Nothing is ever free—someone has to pay for it.”

In Washington, that’s almost a revolutionary statement. But is it true?

Yes and no.

If government is involved in providing anything to anyone, it is true. It’s never free. The reason being that government is not a producer. It creates nothing.

Every cent that government has, it must first take by force from some person. Government then takes a cut for itself (a very nice cut … politicians live very well you know) and then give whatever is left over to a totally different person.

This is all considered “legal,” which is very strange because if you steal in private life, it’s rightfully frowned upon and is considered a major crime.

It doesn’t matter if you steal to feed your hungry kids, or to save your grandmother’s life. There is no mercy or sympathy for you. You’re a criminal no matter what excuse you may have.

However, if you were to do the same exact thing wearing a government uniform, not only are you not considered a criminal, you’re actually cheered on by almost everyone. Many times even your victims are cheering you on!

That’s the key word — “victims”. Whenever government provides something for free, there must be victims. They’re victims because they’re being forced to cough up the money. They are not free to do as they please.

So nothing is “free” if government is involved.

How about in the private, peaceful and moral side of life? Is it possible for something to be “free” for all of us that don’t wear government uniforms?

The answer is yes.

If you go to an employer and he hires you, a voluntary contract is made. You trade your labor and skills for a wage. There are no victims.

You can then take a part of that wage and feed your hungry kids with it. You can voluntarily help someone that has fallen on hard times. If you don’t know anyone that is really suffering in your immediate sphere, you can give money to a private charity. They’ll put it to good use.

There are no victims. No one forces anyone to do anything.

“Hot” money doesn’t change hands. It’s all legit and the recipients all receive a free and voluntary gift.

There is such thing as free, as long as government is not involved.

Don’t steal….It’s such an easy concept to understand, isn’t it?

Sadly, there are many people who have a major problem with this. They have a never-ending litany of excuses as to why government must steal. The excuses are often coupled with lots of euphemisms to put the theft into a positive light. Down the rabbit hole they go every single time.

Real charity is the way to go.

No unicorns required.

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*Note We Deliberately Miss Spell Some Words or Add Capital Letters To Get Around Big Tech Censoring.

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