October 3, 2023 5:57 pm

Sacked Over Mandates? You’ll Want to Watch this Fair Work Commission Senate Hearing


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Sacked Over Mandates? You’ll Want to Watch this Fair Work Commission Senate Hearing

By Senator Gerard Rennick

Last week I questioned Fair Work Australia about their commissioners.
I have sworn affidavits from people saying one Vice President was heard saying on the phone that she wouldn’t let an unvaccinated person look after her grandchildren.
I also asked why commissioners aren’t listening to expert advice representing sacked workers. Commissioners are just washing their hands of any evidence as to whether or not the v is fit for purpose.
On more than one occasion ATAGI has said the v reduces transmission when in fact the FDA said as far back as December 2020 that there is no evidence of that.
Despite this, the Commissioners still have the gall to say they are relying on the experts. It should be noted that most of these experts on the ATAGI board work for organizations that receive funding from big pharmaceuticals or the Gates foundation.
The take out from this is that you should complain about your decision and the Commissioners relying on false information to the FWC.
I was pleased to hear the FWC President Iain Ross is resigning. He was a former union hack in his prior life before being appointed by Julia Gillard.
Along with Paul Keating and Bill Kelty he designed compulsory superannuation. It’s no coincidence he also oversaw the compulsory v’s. A leopard doesn’t change his spots.

Here’s what others had to say:

Tom Mullins
These bureaucrats lie like hell in senate estimates. We need them in a court of law.

Top G
Man this senator has some patience with these oxygen theifs. Also thank you for actually doing your job Senator.

Much Respect Senator. Finally Someone is willing to Stand up to these Word Salad Manipulating Clowns.

Tony Had enough
Thank you Senator, you are our voice. We the Australian people are no longer aloud to use our voice, otherwise we may lose our jobs, or charged for voicing our opinions. Everyone, and I mean everyone in Australia that’s still asleep needs to wake up and actually see what is going on. There is still to many people still asleep and brainwashed to realise what is really happening.

Robochop 1987
Dear Senator, I lost my job, or rather career, on Jan 5 this year.
I was a senior allied health professional for ten years with the same employer. I was told by them I had to be jabbed by Jan 14 or be sacked. I was also threatened that if i stayed onsite and ignored the direction they would take action (whatever that may have been). I was forced into a situation where my only choice was to resign because of what corruption I saw occurring everywhere else where other health workers were being stood down and not paid. My long service leave came up on Jan 3 therefore I resigned effective Jan 5 (with a very heavy heart) to claim that as I had no other money or anything else. It was a complex situation but one in which I had to maneuver to be able to provide for my wife and three children.
Cut a long story short, I was told to leave my workplace by a certain date to work from home for the last two and a half weeks of my job because I was unjabbed. So, as an apparent ‘allied health professional ‘ I found myself working from my garage. There was absolutely no regard or two hoots from an employer which would not usually consider this appropriate.
Leading up to this my union bailed on me (gutless wonders) having been onboard with the covid lies. In addition, Fairwork didnt want to know me either as I had put in a complaint about my harrasment from HR about the coerced bioweapon injection. Zero assistance at all from anyone, it was like all the rats had jumped ship when it all got too hard to advocate for employees who just had their human rights walked right over.
To top it off, on my last day I suffered through a video call with my team leader who’s last request was that I put an ‘out of office message’ on my emails now that I wasnt going to be there. Yes, an out of office message….
Such is the mentality of these tyrants who are mesmorised by fear and the corrupt Govt agenda.

Edit: I do not collect any form of Centrelink payments neither have I since I lost my income. We have had to sell our personal belongings to survive. That is our choice I understand that, however having been treated like garbage by this Govt I could not stomach lining up for payments from the exact tyrants who put us in this position. It is physically and mentally exhausting.

Mister Holdsworth
Whoever voted for this bloke, thank you. He seems to be the only one working for us and asking all the right questions.

I want EVERY Aussie employee that was sacked for not getting jabbed to be paid full back pay from their employer as well as compensation from the commonwealth.

Ryan Anastasia Quinn
I lost my job over the mandate Senator , a shocking conclusion to over 10 years of service … I fought with them over email and stated I technically still had my job and so they demounted me to a casual and only 4 hours a week … Ruined me … took me ages to find unvaccinated work… I have recently dealt with fair work over a pay dispute… of which they were no help … so I didn’t even bother contacting them over it … though I should have … so not only did the government screw me with mandates they also debted me 12 500 dollars of which I had to pay back to Centrelink for no reason robodebt… I’ve tried to pick myself up as a man but it’s hard when u get beat down so much from the people whom are supposed to look after you….

Bruce MacKinnon
They are all frantically trying to avoid the blame and accountability for what they have done. This is a mass atrocity on a global scale.

Critical Skeptic
Senator Rennick,
20 years as a secondary educator in rural and remote low socio-economic schools in QLD came to an end when my religious and medical (not tested long enough and with no evidence of reduced transmission) objections to this vaccination were ignored and belittled by my employer (Ed QLD). This after working tirelessly through the worst of the pandemic with no ppe in a poorly ventilated room amongst over 100 different children each day- most with less than desirable hygiene. I turned to the QTU whom I had been a member for 20 years and recieved nothing but condescention and the line ‘you have a choice but this is the consequence for your choice’. I was then chased by the department for months to pay back wages (which I was entitled to as I was on leave full pay at the time they say I was over paid) after they changed my status to leave no pay. Thus, they came for overpayments which I could not pay back as I had no income stream at the time due to them changing my status retroactively. My mental health spiralled out of control and I now suffer severe anxiety about answering the phone, checking emails or the mailbox. I am stressed about returning to my workplace (school) where I was treated like garbage by staff and students alike due to my ‘typhoid Mary’ status when our medical privacy was usurped for the ‘greater good’ (even though I hadn’t had so much as a sniffle at work). I also had upper management trying to coerce me daily to take the shots in the weeks before the 2021 school year wrapped up. Then, after struggling to make ends meet for 7 months as a family, the department suddenly asked me to return to my school after a horrible email outlining my ‘lack professionalism’, after they gave me a discipline/permanent mark on my record and then reduced my pay rate as further punishment. So, due to anxiety issues, lack of respect for my personal beliefs and the way I was treated by both the Education department and my colleagues before leaving, I turned down their offer to return. This has destroyed me personally, professionally, mentally, financially and emotionally. I don’t think I can ever recover from this discrimination. I have lost faith in my country, it’s institutions and the Constitution.

Mark Dale
Just to clarify, there are people from all over the globe Senator watching, and admiring, what you are doing. I hope you continue your efforts until this shameful injustice is corrected in the most public of displays.

Senator Rennick is asking common-sense, moral questions. He is surrounded by bureaucrats and simpering paper-shufflers who clearly have no interest in moral conduct, but merely the operation of the ‘rules’ of their respective organisations.

On camera, very professional and determined. Off camera? I can only imagine how red in the face and how much he’d be swearing.
I take my hat off to you Senator, you have a massive amount of patience and persistence.

joel prouse
Thank you senator. Not even from my state and you have done more for me than any of my own senators. Thank you again I wish there was more politicians like you.

Paul Banks
Thankyou Senator, You are brilliant in what you do and you are the voice for so many of us Australians. You are very direct and explain your points very well. Keep it up Gerard,

Michael Lloyd
Thank you so much Gerard. You are amazing for us here in Australia. How on earth did it get so hard for common sense & a bit of care to be the way our country governs its people???

Denise Rothwell
Thank you Senator Rennick for having the courage to speak up over this appalling injustice that ordinary workers, the backbone of this country, has had to endure all because they wouldnt take this experimental gene therapy. Which was their right to do! This country owes them not only a huge apology but their back pay and reinstated to their jobs. This most NEVER EVER happen again! Let’s us never forget!

Luke Kent
Tga is 96 percent funded by pharmaceutical companies. How many other departments pushing these mandates take money from pharmaceutical companies?

Flower girl Spirit
Such a Trooper !! So Patient, just an Amazing long term professional, educated man !! Thankyou Senator Rennick. These people try to lead you on a ridiculous path of lies & deceit !

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