September 24, 2023 5:19 am

The Left Wing Meme Bots Are Pushing Such “Fake Outrage”, at the Protesters in Australia


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The Left Wing Meme Bots Are Pushing Such “Fake Outrage”, at the Protesters in Australia

By Staff Reporter

If you aren’t supporting the protesters, supporting your freedoms, that are helping prevent you from foolishly joining the “Vaccine death cult herd”, “Then you should take a good look in the mirror and wake the f .. up.

The innocent, gullible and naive, who take the Covid jab, then later will realise, when they are sick and dying from it, in the next 6-36 months, that they were tricked into “ effectively committing suicide “ are going to be pretty pissed with their Government. They’ll go to war then but it’s too late.
Take the jab and you’ve helped defeat humanity.

And perhaps we’ll just say.

“We told you so”.

“We tried to warn you but you wouldn’t listen”.

They won’t be able to produce enough body bags to bury the dead, from the 4 billion vaccinated, many to dumbed down to ever research ample evidence of the Covid fraud and death and injuries already caused by the Covid jabs, many weak-minded humans, who have taken a Covid jab (some I admit are innocent and to trusting  of Governments, but nevertheless, if you allow a deadly poison to be injected into you from peer pressure and outright bullying, then are you not responsible for what happens ?)

$1 million to anyone who thinks they can produce sufficient body bags to bury the dead over the next 36 months.

No doubt, “us anti-vaxxers will be blamed for their demise, and the delta 2022 alpha – Romeo 2.3 variant or the mutant ninja turtle variant one perhaps”.

Plus $10,000 for anyone that can prove a single person has ever caught Covid, let alone died from it. (I mean you can’t count all flu deaths as dying from Covid, but then claim it’s a deadly new specific Coronavirus strain – come on which one is it ?)

Yes, people have died but did anyone bother to ask for evidence of what?
Were they put on ventilators?
We’re they vaccinated?
Why weren’t they offered ivervectim, or hydroxychloroquine, both that are cheaply available, with little side effects to these deadly Covid jabs disguised as vaccines.

Ask for evidence the fake PCR Covid test can accurately test for Covid?
If humans are so smart, why haven’t they asked for evidence of just 1 Covid death, before falling for the falsified 4 million deaths claimed which we all know has been debunked.
And the 98 cases of absolute bullshit nothing, in Sydney today and every day.
They know they have to get Australia’s vaxx rate up massively now before the massive deaths hit the northern hemisphere starting in October, as Australians by then will not take it.

They know locking us down, they can convince the weaker-minded to take the jab by lying life will go back to normal. As weaker minds believe the fraudsters and charlatans and can’t critically think about what’s really going on.

Or what about community transmission nonsense.

Or 90% cases have no symptoms – such a deadly worrisome panic they can’t prove a single death – only the elderly they neglect to die alone, starved in aged care homes they wrongly list as dying of Covid.

If you’re dumb enough to fall for the Covid fraud, then I guess you’re dumb enough to commit effective suicide and take a Covid jab.
It won’t kill you overnight, but it will kill you.The world needs smart people.

I guess that’s what they created the “Covid vaccine for dumb people”

Thinning the herd mightn’t be a bad thing.
Less road traffic I guess.
No more ques at Krispy Kreme donuts.

Either way it’s now going to thin the herd as we failed to stop the deadly roll out.

4 billion vaccinated globally. It’s going to be ugly.

Who is going to be around to bury them all?
What’s sicknesses will spread from the dead left lying around, as hospitals can’t handle them?

Cities will be emptied and dangerous zombie like scenes. Sounds like a science fiction movie, but sadly, have we allowed the vaxx roll out to 4 billion people and been unable to stop it?
A rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly Global Medical Experiment- whose f..

stupid idea was that? And it’s hardly done inadvertently, but clearly deliberately.
For what?
Not to stop a Coronavirus’ that’s death rate is actually below a bad flu season.
And despite the Covid jab killing and injury so many, – why have they not stopped it, if it was to save lives – but push it harder and harder, so desperate to get the deadly shot into the arms of the majority of us, before the masses figure out they are being exterminated.

The deadly lunatics got their way and poisoned to death, almost have the planet and don’t intend stopping anytime soon.

Enjoy the remaining time you have, spend time with loved ones, before the world descends into total chaos, major economic collapse, and martial law is imposed but stupid panicking politicians who would sell their grandmother for career promotion.
This is happening all because many humans are high in arrogance, and low in intelligence.

Too busy listening to the propaganda or watching sport to know what is happening right before their eyes.

For those who want to build a new world out of the ashes of this one coming to an end soo.

Join the resistance. No guarantees, but some will survive what’s coming and it’s important they are given the best chance to rebuild a better world (one without the criminal elite who think they should run the world).

For those wanting to dismiss what I’m saying.

Run the numbers yourself if the actual deaths and injuries are already on immediate adverse reactions, then wait 6-12 months for what’s coming
Not the falsified Covid deaths and injury figures reported but the actual which are 10-100 times what’s reported.

It’s too later to as for help if you don’t prepare for what’s coming. You’re on your own if you don’t listen and don’t prepare.
You can’t trust your Government.
They follow Globalist orders which are to inject everyone with this deadly poison, treating your loved ones like a disposable lab rat.

I’ve been right too many times, as have others.

I would love to be so wrong this time.

But the numbers don’t lie.

The timing we don’t know for sure
But if there was only a 1% chance of this happening, you should prepare.
When it’s a near certainty then, those smart enough to figure it out need to start saving yourself before it’s too late.

Anyone can extrapolate and come to a similar conclusion on the numbers.

Trust mainstream news and dodgy sell-out politicians and take the jab you’ll die, or worse be in such agony you wished you did.
If you were lucky to get a Saline vaccine the first time around,( designed to keep the immediate death rate down until a majority of the world has been jabbed ) don’t think the second time around you’ll be so lucky.
“ I got my jab and haven’t died yet, isn’t exactly the best product endorsement”.

Here’s what others had to say:

Lisa Maree
Jamie do you think everyone will get sick from the jab will some still survive depending on their individual body ? And do you think they will wake up and blame it on the government I think they will probably still be blaming the people not vaxxxxed and covid.

Author: Jamie McIntyre – Reply
Lisa Maree those who get the saline placebo jab are fine
But that’s just some of the first dose to reduce immediate deaths and injuries
Some will be fine for years.

Shane Rutherford
Well and truthfully said. I completely agree.

Pearly Imbuido Gardiner
Sir Michael Joseph Avila Galang this might help ..give ut a go 5 mimutes read.

Patrizia Smarrelli
agree, I thought exactly the above meme when I was watching the Cup, players hugging, crowds without masks, but oh, that was great as it’s ‘sport’, but people protesting for what is ours in the first place is wrong. And then the news spinning a false tale as usual about the violence, blah blah blah

Lizzie Michaelis
” delta 2022 alpha – Romeo 2.3″ … I love it ! lol

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