September 15, 2023 5:38 pm

Ukraine Counteroffensive GETS WORSE as Russian Reinforcements Arrive


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Ukraine Counteroffensive GETS WORSE as Russian Reinforcements Arrive

By HistoryLegends

Here’s what others had to say:

For those wondering about the map at 11:07, shoutout to Twitter account Martinnkaaaa / Youtube @MartinnHistory for his amazing work!

Imagine having people in your government so bad you don’t know if it’s incompetence or pure betrayal

As a french citizen, it’s very interesting to hear another version of how the counter offensive is running. For instance, our medias never speak about ukrainian losses, Russia is diabolized and it’s army depicted as a bunch of alcoholic incompetent losers. I know it’s not the case, and underestimating Russia is often the last mistake you make…

Isn’t this turning into a First World War type battle which is dominated by artillery with infantry defending strong defensive positions and the other side “going over the top”, albeit in small numbers, and incurring huge casualties as a result? Drone warfare is a new even more terrifying concept for the foot soldier, coupled with far more accurate artillery fire than in WW1. It is also worth noting that the ukrainian advances after 3 months are just a small fraction of the advances made by the allies at the Somme in 1916 and that too failed to achieve a breakthrough.

It’s crazy to see how effective the Russians make artillery despite all other super powers neglecting it in modern war. Anything in the past is still effective today ig.

Oryx stopped working in time when Ukraine began to fight with NATO equipment having lost all Soviet equipment, and it can no longer be passed off as “Russian ” destroyed equipment.

I live in a neighbouring country (Hungary) and have decided to simply ignore this silly war. That said, your commentary is good and realistic. Russians and Ukrainians are killing each other for a few kilometres of land, yet both countries have a great surplus of land — two of the most underpopulated countries on the planet. That’s the msin contradiction for me.

Mixing units like at the end could be an attempt to “manage” discontent as all the losses aren’t concentrated into single units and their social circles.

Its not sadistic. Its defense in depth. Even in the very face of an enemy that can’t even penetrate 6 or 7 km into enemy territory without heavy losses, to completely leave everything in the open to chance is a sure way to lose everything you have.
A good general knows that a battle can turn in a split second.
Better to ensure you have something to fall back to, than to put all your eggs in one basket and hope for the best because its look good so far.

The three defensive line method was designed to be broken and for Ukraine forces to commit to a area on the battlefield,Now Ukraine forces have gone deep and put themselves in a cauldron style formation making themselves surrounded by Russian force on the left,right flank and in the centre the Russian trap is set to be sprung.

“The national idea of Ukraine , one of the central ideas, is to lie as much as possible to yourself and others.
Because if you tell the truth it will collapse and we will have to create something new” – said Oleksii Arestovych, a former advisor to Zelensky and officer of the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine.

It’s so funny how when Russia grinded in Bakhmut for 9 months, it was “Ukrainians are wasting the forces for their counter offensive in holding a tactical insignificant city”. And now it’s “the Ukrainians have failed the offensive and Russia are luring them into a trap”.
You are not sounding biased at all.

Police officer: You will sent to the Frontline in Robotyne against the Russians.
Ukrainian: But, this is Poland!
Police officer: What part of the “Until the last Ukrainian” you didn’t get?

There were a lot of ukropaganda videos, where you could even see the pixel camo on the destroyed tanks “claimed russian”. I bet if you could replace Leopards, Bradleys, M113 and Challengers with soviet era tanks, ukraineans would claim them “russian” and tell a cool story about “one Javelin shot”.

I wouldn’t call smart and winning tactics “sadistic”. What is “sadistic” is the way Ukraine is feeding men into meat grinders with no concern for their lives.

This entire thing called “the counteroffensive” was poorly planned.
I continued to say that Ukraine needs far more than they have right now. More planes, more tanks, more personnel. It is expected that they would suffer alot of casualties since they are on the offensive but this is absolutely crazy to the point where it makes no sense.

As of now, according to the russian MOD:
Ukraine army has lost 66’000 men and 7’900 western weapons, including tanks, in 3 months.

After February 24, the most crucial issue we had to resolve was weaponry,” said Reznikov.
“According to the estimates of the General Staff, the resources of the Defense Forces would barely have lasted 2−2.5 months of intense battles. Our army would have been physically exhausted.

Just wondering if there’s a realistic way to break through heavy defenses like this without significant numerical and firepower advantage, and within favorable attrition rates.
Targeting supplies seems feasible, but it still means you have send lots of units to soak up enemy fire until they run dry.

I find it so interesting and telling that Oryx retired exactly at the moment Ukraine started using western tanks, APCs, IFVs, howizters and so on. Not as easy to portray them as “Russian losses” as with all Ukraine’s lost T-64s, T72s, T55s, BMPs and so on. Basically before Ukraine received western tanks and APCs, 90%+ of the Oryx reported “Russian losses” in this department were actual Ukraine losses. Several times there was proof of doctored footage, adding Z or V in post production to videos and photos.

Honestly, if you gonna ask me, I will tell you that today I am ashamed of being Ukrainian but proud to be living in Donbass. I lost a lot of friends and family relatives because of corrupted government in Ukraine and theirs leaders whoever tells them what to do and when. I really pray for everyone who believes Ukrainian side to open their eyes and finally see what is happening not only in Ukraine but in the world so far. I pray for our homes in Donbass area to be free so we can finally live under the peace… Please.

Who wants to bet that the narrative for the destroyed Challenger Tank would be “The tank broke down and was destroyed by its crew to avoid the Russians from capturing it” or something along these lines.

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