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Unconfirmed Use Of Chemical Weapons. Russians Are leaving Urozhaine. Military Summary For 2023.08.13


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Unconfirmed Use Of Chemical Weapons. Russians are leaving Urozhaine. Military Summary For 2023.08.13

By Military Summary

This video describes the military situation in Ukraine on the 13th of August 2023

Here’s what others had to say:

Dima, with respect to minor and/or temporary Russian withdrawals: the apparent reason is that Russia is far more casualty-adverse (compared to UA). Ukraine’s operations appear to exhibit the opposite behavior (i.e., accepting high casualties in exchange for minor territorial gains).

It’s impressive at this stage. Even in days when the AFU score some puny “wins”, how much they lose in the same time is just mindboggling, from the perspective of the reckless and demented Westerners who still coerce them to die for nothing.

Wars are lost two ways: Either one side out-produces another and forces terms through raw military power projected on the enemy, or one side outlasts another politically- as the taliban presciently quipped- “you have the watches but we have the time.”
RU recognizes its biggest risk is casualties creating discontent at home. Russia isn’t going to be out-produced by UA or its friends, to whom expenditures on supporting the war alone can come at a political cost. There won’t be German like collapse where transports are replaced by mules and the mauser stocks are no longer sanded. But there could be too many mourning mothers and a number of the personally affected large enough to create a substantial pool of the disaffected who agitate first for compromise on the war, then on the culture, etc., etc., until Russia winds back up in the 90s- except this time westernization’s cancer is terminal to civilizations with its aggressive cultural enforcement of racial masochism and sex hormones for children.
This is why Russia does and will continue to back up rather than endure large losses except in the unique case it has a private company wielding an army of convicts to employ for the -0 public opinion modifier. This might wind up losing them a ton of territory, which is the gamble here, as that can create discontent at home as well. But that can be remedied with tactical nuclear weapons if things get too dire. The pain of a mother and father can not. Russia still has a vital core to protect, Ukraine does not. Ukraine is draining its own blood as a sacrificial rite in an attempt to cast a real national identity out of blood-hardened steel. Russia has its history and has earned itself. Its job is to preserve. Incidentally all this is why the mass exodus of Russian liberals was, short of enlisting themselves, the best thing they could have done to support Russia and its civilization. Thanks expats.

Taking a few destroyed villages at a cost of losing your only western trained brigades is not worth it. They can’t even reach the first line of defense with the dragon teeth, and 5X amount the mines. Even the germans advanced more during the Battle of Bulge.

Russia’s strategy is smart. Defensive operations first and Ukraine pays dearly for marginal gains. At this rate, Ukraine will run out of men and bullets first. I wonder how they will survive when Russia starts marching west towards Kharkiv, and then Kiev. I am guessing Poland-Lithuania will do something stupid at that point. The west should stop this madness.

I had been looking forward to decreased artillery from the Ukronazis. They were supposed to have been exhausting their inventory. That was warned about in March. I know about the cluster shells, but it seems like the inventories of other munitions is more than sufficient.

Urozhaine is most likely used as “bait” for the UKR forces. Leaving one or two locations with “progress” for the UKR forces is not a bad idea.

Assault groups of the Russian Federation captured two strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kupyansk direction, which I will talk about in more detail on my channel too, because it is in the Kupyansk sector of the front that many expect the start of a large-scale Russian offensive.

Several times in recent videos you say Russia needs to redeploy troops due to Ukrainian attacks in some areas. However this cannot be the case – Russia is supposed to have more than 700K troops for this SMO, so they should not need to redeploy from one area to another to carry out operations. This would only be true if the troops were small numbers of specialized like Wagner or VDV.

PS:Nothing would please me more and in a sense of poetic justice with a mixture of revenge( by the people) that to be present when “the red army” in a battle like a”blitzkrieg” (not with Germanic connotation but Sovietic style) conquered Odessa and after apprehending those who cowardly and hideously murdered those 50 civilians(For those who dont know on May 2, 2014, in Odessa the incident that can only be described as a brutal massacre and fire, resulting in the tragic deaths of numerous individuals in the House of Odessa Trade Unions on Kulikovo Field).AND After arresting them, hand them over to the victims’ families so that they have the right to carry out popular justice! And put the Russian flag on top of the Building in memory of them… my condolences to the families of the deceased!
Greetings from Portugal
Note to readers, subscribers and other entities: this is just my opinion as a vent and should be seen in the light of freedom of expression and opinion and not connoted with any kind of demonstration or incitement to violence or hatred. should be read as satire and dramatic or poetic freedom.

Dear Dima, once Russia wins can you give a true analysis of this Operation not the one that Youtube restricts you from saying so you do not get cancelled.. that would be great.. the first news I watch everyday since March 2022 is you.. my respects.. always remain fair and balanced..that’s if we are still alive.. from Australia.

My dearest Russian friends and fellow citizens:
I refer you to the advice heard here on the web in this comment: according to the different opinions of Americans dedicated to this stagnation that the USA created for you in Ukraine! Tell your government leaders, whether regional, local or municipal, so that the army will invest against the Ukrainian nationalists until winter so that we can quickly reach the end of this fratricidal war! I wish you faith, health, strength and determination in this time of conflict! greetings from Portugal
Ps: I regret not being able to help you because if it was not my old age (I was born in July 1971) combined with the fact that I have epilepsy and very episodes due to stress, I assure you that I certainly would enlisted in the Russian army and you could put me on the battlefront because nothing it would be more fun to have health to fight against this wave of banderists that plague you!

There are about 10 weeks before seasonal rains turn the steppes into mud. It has been almost a year since the first tranche of Russian mobilization of 300,000 began. There are about 600 tactical warplanes which have not yet been deployed. I do not understand why the Russians have not already launched an offensive largely from the north from Belgorod toward Dnipro-Petrosk.

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