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Vanuatu Is Global Governance Test Site


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Vanuatu Is Global Governance Test Site

By Tania Natuman

Trouble in paradise – UN in hostile takeover bid.

The Small Island State of Vanuatu is not very well known around the world, especially in Europe – due to its location in the far South Pacific.

But even this remote country and its 83 islands with more than 300,000 people has been hurt by the Corona Pandemic though the state-borders were closed on March 30th 2020.

In this planned pandemic the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) has been the single most aggressive driver of spreading the false fear on the islands and did so without any evidence-based, scientific data, and without having any idea of the life, culture or livelihood of the real people of Vanuatu.

The  W.H.O. is on Vanuatu deeply embedded into the Ministry of Health, where the WHO runs the show. Its Country Director, Philippe Guyant, has been working hard to make sure the “plan” of his organization was rolled out on the islands no matter what.

Philippe Guyant, WHO country Rep, at the high security complex
of the UN on Vanuatu

Most will find these UN people in average pretty nice and amicable on the outside, but they are all working hard on putting the whole country at a high risk of death. Do they know that? Do they realize what they are doing? Some may, but it is hard to say. They are getting paid for what they do and they are following orders from above and give orders to those placed now below them: the civil servants of the Vanuatu Government.

On the top of that global body sits the Director of the W.H.O, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who by the way had already being sued for crimes against humanity (isn’t it a big red flag already?), and seems to care only when he is on TV, but his actions show something very different: He does not even consider the BIG warnings sounded by the top doctors and professors of the world.

Two with a smirky-smiling faces: Bill Gates and Tedros Adhanom
Ghebreyesus are partners in crime. Gates already has to stand trial
for murder in India. Tedros is wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

So let’s follow the money: Bill Gates is the biggest funder of the WHO. He is the one behind the scenes running a bigger show. But that story is already covered online very much and in very great detail.

So, back to Vanuatu: There is the government, and particularly the Ministry of Health as well as the Prime Minister’s office that are “just following orders” – the old and outdated Nazi war-crime pseudo-excuse, ruled out by the Nuremberg Codex and illegal today.

Are they aware of the illegality? They don’t want to be aware because they have to follow the advices of the W.H.O. per the UN treaty signed in 2005. In addition there are the United Nations (UN) subsidiaries UNCDF, UNDP, UNICEF etc. that are pouring a lot of aid and development money into the country. So basically, the government is not in charge, but in each segment someone else from outside the country.

Vanuatu is claiming to be independent since 1980, but is it really? A foreign force is still controlling the country’s decisions and directions partly behind the curtains and partly in plain sight. How does this not ring an alarm bell and bring the UN agenda 2030 to the forefront? The country is being taken over little by little in the front of our very eyes – in the name of development, the pandemic and so on.

Who is helping on that hostile takeover?

New-Zealand and Australia have a string part – some in plain sight, and the rest hidden. What is in openly laude is the money they give to help the people and the country, the official state AID as it is dubbed, as well as the actions they are doing for campaigns ranging from Women Empowerment to Climate Change.

But in today’s world, there is no more free breakfast – as the saying goes – and this means also no free money from the UN. There is always an exchange, well known or not. In the case of the Corona crimes it is not well known and kept by all means secret and confidential as much as possible.

However and if one looks at the timing of events, which is another clue to find the truth, one will see that New-Zealand and Australia give money only after getting what they want.

In the case of COVID-19 and the vaccination it became obvious. After the bill of non-indemnification of the pharmaceutical companies was voted on and adopted by parliament, the money started to flow into the government pocket. Huge amounts. And others like the Asian Development Bank suddenly also chipped in with around 3 Billion Vatu (30 million US dollars).

The bill removed all responsibility from the ‘vaccine’ manufacturers in case of death or other adverse reactions to the injections.

How in the world can’t a Government see the big red flag and get a product where the seller demands to sign a waiver of responsibility? Were they looking somewhere else at that time of signing? How blind? But the bill passed at the parliament and is now an act.

Did they know what they were doing? Probably not. And does the world know how they blindfolded everybody else even more – by having COVAX say:

“Don’t worry, we will pay for the people who die or have side effect…’

O Yeah? How? In Vanuatu there is not even an adverse effect reporting system. The hospital is not functioning well with poor service, poor expertise and poor equipment, and the whole state has not even one professional pathologist, who could and would certify that the death or side effect is due to the vaccine. How convenient… So they passed the motion. How little do they know! Now nobody will get compensation for death or being handicapped for their entire life, because of this experimental injection falsely called a ‘vaccine’ and government corruption.

Bob Loughman Weibur – PM of Vanuatu

The whole agenda is in Vanuatu officially pushed by the UN, WHO and UNICEF to Prime Minister Bob Loughman and the governmental health department. But in fact the Deputy Prime Minister Ishmael Kalsakau is the one who is working hard to push the narrative as well as the Minister of Finance Johnnay Koanapo Rasou and together they are controlling the understanding of the Prime Minister to a certain degree. The deputy prime minister is also the minister of Internal Affairs. How convenient! Nobody seems to bother concerning this big conflict of interest and this man can silence anyone who is against the vaccination program. And he did. While abusing the state powers he has tried many times to silence people with impunity, though his actions are violating the constitution of Vanuatu.

He used his network to bully and arrest people who talked against this so called ‘vaccine’ that is in fact an experimental deadly injection. That is already known for a fact since a long time now. In addition the Prime Minister is blindfolded and controlled by him as well as by the Minister of Finance and unfortunately the coerced members of Parliament, which unfortunately is the majority.

Ishmael Kalsakau (centre) – Deputy PM and two Brothers4Life


Why the other Members of Parliament don’t want to see his game and lies and manipulation? The Deputy PM, Ishmael Kalsakau, who plays the game of ruling from behind like dictator Kagame in Rwanda did for many years, in addition works with a suspect organization called Brother for Life or Brother4Life. His son in law is their president and this group of people acts like a Mafia everywhere on Vanuatu. They have infiltrated all layers of the Vanuatu society and government, the justice system etc.

They are the ones who destroyed justice and do criminal actions. With money, privileges, prostitutes, death threats and ‘unexplained death’ etc. The organization is controlled by the Deputy Prime Minister Ishmael Kalsakau and this is how they’ve won the famous case of “19 MPs lost their seats in Parliament as they were absents for 3 consecutive times”.

The late Wendy-Myriam Himford 

This was the undercover and subversive work of the Deputy Prime Minister and his minions. Australia seems to be involved as well by bringing an Australian lawyer who knew the political and justice system of Vanuatu very well as he was living in Vanuatu before and was holding a position of power.

There is already proof of the Deputy Prime Minister’s illegal activities such as threats and bullying people using his position. Late Wendy Himford reported that he sent three men to threaten her and to scare her to death when she wanted to publish a “No Vaccine” call on a flyer of the UMP (Union of Moderates Party) when she was the party’s general secretary.

Ishmael Kalsakau finally managed to get her removed from the political party UMP. Not long after, Wendy said to her husband that she thinks she had been poisoned.

She died in Feb 2022. No autopsy. A doctor came up with “cancer” as the reason of death.

The justice system in Vanuatu is corrupt and very uncertain. Even the Chief of Justice is compromised as well as many judges and lawyers are.

For instance the Chief of Justice is a prominent member of the political party of the Prime Minister.

Conflict of interest

There is a lot of corruption at the top and the public servants think they can really do whatever they want, while disregarding their duty to serve the people. Though this is not much different from other countries, except that here in Vanuatu it’s like a village, where everybody knows everybody – with all its conveniences and disadvantages.

Silas Bule – Vanuatu Minister of Health

Now take the Minister of Health Silas Bule, who has no medical knowledge whatsoever, who takes decisions as if he would be in control, but in fact he is completely controlled by the WHO. He even can’t read English or any science paper. His level of education is very poor, but he thinks he and his Director General can take care of the health of an entire population.

How arrogant they are! And when you come to them, giving them real science to show them how dangerous this Covid Vaccine is, they laugh at you; and if you spread the word, they arrested you, they pass laws to stop you, violating the very rights of the people: free speech.

That is what they do when they don’t have any serious argument in the face of the truth.

How about China?

China tried to get into the Covid response by providing another kind of vaccine: Sinopharm.

Johnnay Koanapo Rasou (aka (Johnny)
Vanuatu Minster of Finance 

When it arrived in Vanuatu, only the Prime Minister was there, no French Ambassador, no NZ High Commissioner, no AUS High Commissioner… none of the usual suspects, who otherwise second and mind every move of the government on strings.

In interesting difference: these people were all present when Astra Zeneca arrived in Vanuatu. Thereby they showed their dislike toward China clearly and in the front of everyone. AUS and NZ don’t like China, which is understandable, since China tries to gain territories and install remote military bases in the South Pacific, but that is not fresh news and everyone knows that it is a geopolitical game.

Therefore the real question is what China gained when they offered a brand new convention Center, a brand new sport facility and roads during the Pacific Mini Games and many other donations? It is a very sensitive question and most people in the know on Vanuatu even don’t dare to whisper any answers, which makes it hard to get them.

Only a bunch of people know the true answers. Insiders are saying, China got huge parts of Vanuatu’s ocean territory for fishing and are there basically destroying large tracts of the marine ecosystems by wiping out all living things inside those boundaries. – the UN and especially UNEP conveniently not looking.

Others say the Chinese are gaining much more from the Vanuatu government than just the fishing rights – a secret military agreement is in the whispers.

The latest news:

Vanuatu has since mid-February 2022 a new ‘outbreak’ of CovID-19 according to the flawed tests used. The government is saying that it is the OMICRON variant of the pathogen and put the people in lockdown, curfew etc. All borders were closed. Actually the majority of the people of Vanuatu really wanted to keep the borders closed to shield the country rom any harm, be it a ‘virus’ or toxic foreigners with hostile ideas.

But as the Government is not working for the people anymore, they decided to open the borders for three consecutive days – enough time to get the Deputy Prime Minister back into the country and of course bringing the new Covid strain into the country as well. Now Covid escaped the quarantine area, allegedly thanks to one Member of Parliament who breached the protocol. But is it the whole truth?

The leader of the opposition Ralph Regenvanu made a formal police complain to launch an investigation into that escape matter, but how will that turn out? Will the police be independent enough to conduct this investigation without the interference of the Deputy Prime Minister? Since the Deputy Prime Minister Ishmael Kalsakau is also the Minister of Internal Affairs and thereby is controlling the police, the outcome is obvious – corruption at best and covered treason in reality.

Bruno Lengkon, the Vanuatu Minister for Climate Change Adaptation, Meteorology, Geo-Hazards, Environment, Energy and Disaster Management.
Bruno Lengkon, the present Vanuatu Minister
of Health and former Minister for Climate Change
Adaptation, Meteorology, Geo-Hazards, Environment,
Energy and Disaster Management.

Meanwhile during this outbreak, the Government changed the Minister of Health and put Bruno Leingkon,who was the Minister of Climate Change and lived well on the UN Climte Change incentives. He, however, has now criminal charges on his account.

In 2021 Bruno Leingkon pleaded guilty to charges over a drunken incident aboard an aircraft harassing the female pilot so that the plane had to abort the flight and land. Two charges relate to breaches of aviation security and one to Vanuatu’s leadership code.

Who is behind keeping these incompetent and criminal people leading the way of the people? It is the trait of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which in cohorts with the UN keeps pushing such criminal and coerced ‘leaders’ into positions of power, whom they then can conveniently use for their hidden agenda

But why this change was enforced now in the middle of a medical emergency situation? Is it because the former Minister of Health didn’t want to let the Deputy Prime Minister getting out of the quarantine area? In fact the now new Minister of Health seems to have signed the paperwork to have Deputy Prime Minister leaving the quarantine area before the 14 days, while everybody else was still confined. They can’t even follow their own protocol and it is all about themselves, not about serving the people.

With the fresh calamity there is now enough reason for the government to push the vaccination, albeit the fact that many aberrations are caused just by the fear and panic because people think this ‘virus’ is dangerous. Again thanks an no-thanks to the W.H.O. and government work for having spread the fear since 2020.

At the moment everyone should be staying at home and not be too much in contact with others, but the all go and mingle at the vaccination sites. Are they crazy? “It’s not ok to go out to meet with family and friends or be close to other people, but it ok to do so to get vaccinated?” sane people ask with sarcasm in their voice. Is Vanuatu governed by morons? Yes, a big YES, and in addition these morons obviously can’t think by themselves, since they all have advisors, some locals and of course many foreigners, especially from the UN.

Who else is behind the curtains and needs to get exposed?

Mainly foreigners who have a leadership position such as the president of the chamber of commerce Antoine Boudier. He is a long-time resident of Vanuatu and the one who hired that lawyer from Australia to find a legal way to mandate the vaccine, thereby helping the government and leading it into a direction that will enslave the people.

Freemason Antoine Boudier – President of the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce

Antoine Boudier is also a freemason. There is a lodge on Vanuatu, with many Government officials as members and many others holding top positions in banking, corporations etc.

Local people call this building the church of Satan, for a good reason. But that is another story for another day as there is a correlation between the freemasonry and what is happening right now in the country with this plandemic.

Another foreigner is Glen Craig, director of the Rural Development Bank. He is one of the sponsors of the Deputy Prime Minister and one of those, who push this vaccination onto people. He tries to make the injections mandatory for everyone in order to reach the 90% vaccination rate ASAP for the government to open the borders and to cash in on WordBank/IMF incentives.

Glen Craig needs to be investigated by the police – especially his financial deals, where very interesting things can be found. He is a dangerous fellow and holds too much power in his hands that needs to be neutralized. He does not have the interest of the Vanuatu people in mind but has another, foreign agenda.

New Zealander Glen Craig – now Vanuatu citizen.

However, the main threat to the country right now is the W.H.O. They are about to take over the sovereignty of Vanuatu, as well as of many other countries in the world starting Mai 1st 2022. It will be silent and hidden from the public eye and justified with the current Pandemic- medical-martial law on steroids.

A new treaty had been signed already in Nov 2021 updating the previous agreement of 2005, which now will give full power to the WHO in all its 196 members countries to dictate any health measures for any disaster or pandemic. This move is removing the constitutional rights of the government and people.

In the past, Vanuatu has been a testing ground for many programs run by the UN and its subsidiaries and NGOs and this is where they will test this grab of the sovereignty of Vanuatu, observe and analyze the reactions and tune up the program to work easily without too much barriers and counter opinions.

They know very well how to appear as good people, but meanwhile they will take the country’s freedom.

If successful, this program will then serve as reference for other countries to run the same fate.

Vanuatu has been and will be used again as a laboratory for the purpose of getting this grab done all over the world.

This is the real war, right here.

The awareness about this plot needs to be spread far and wide, because people on Vanuatu still have the memory of the pre-independence colonial oppression.

Vanuatu gained its independence only in 1980.

Knowing the persistent dangers, the father of Vanuatu independence, the late Walter Lini, had already warned his people before he passed on. 42 years later, who remembers? The old generation still remembers and we, the people, need to remind them of those words that will resonate inside their past. It is time, now to get foreign influence out of the country for good and keep the integrity of the sovereign Republic of Vanuatu.

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