Victoria Lawyer Serene Teffaha Is Looking For An Expert Witness For Challenging Vic’s State Of Disaster

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Victoria Lwyer Serene Teffaha Is Looking For An Expert Witness For Challenging Vic’s State Of Disaster.

By VVC Admin

“Thank you Gem. Kara Mammo has identified the same issue and explained it to me in detail. Fundamentally a state of disaster is being declared based on these statistics. Thank you ladies.

The problem with these codes is that you diagnose COVID from the onset before the case is finalised and you financially incentivise the process. This is absurd to say the least. Coupled with the fact that samples for RT PCR tests are not being retested for specificity you indeed have a recipe for disaster. False positives coupled with over coding and you have conflated statistics. What an outrage!

WE ARE: looking for an expert in this area who is not afraid to speak up about this process and willing to be our expert witness for seeking an urgent injunction against the declaration for State of Disaster. Please spread the word.”

Find Serene’s post here
Serene’s post

She also shared the following post from Gem Dew, find it here
Gem’s post

From Gem:

“I am concerned about the reporting & lack of transparency around the number of ‘COVID cases’.

What I have uncovered is an Australian COVID-19 reporting loop-hole that allows a Principal Diagnosis of Corona virus infection to be assigned to YOU as a ‘reported case’, even if you’ve had NO exposure, NO symptoms & where testing results are INCONCLUSIVE, UNAVAILABLE or NOT SPECIFIED.

This is not a joke … as a practicing Health Information Manager & Clinical Coder, I used to code hospital data & provide reporting information for funding (ie how many $$ hospitals receive for diagnoses/procedures based on DRG’s [diagnosis related groups]).

I no longer work in the Industry, but was curious to find out what the Coding rules were for Covid, and what I found shocked me …

This information is sourced from IHPA (Independent Hospital Pricing Authority), which is a government agency established under the Commonwealth. Its primary goal is to calculate and deliver an annual national efficient price (NEP), a benchmark for Australian hospital funding … this authority also provides the classification system for reporting of COVID-19 State cases.

In March 2020, the Commonwealth signed a national partnership on C’VID 19 response with all of the Australian States. Under this partnership, $100 million is to be paid quarterly to the States based on a population share basis (see pic) of reported cases of Covid.

What really shocked me were the coding rules for Covid (coded information is the baseline data for reporting the total number of state cases).

Under a ‘mandated screening by authority test’ or a ‘self-presenting non-mandated test’ (where there has been NO exposure and NO symptoms), the reporting guidelines state ‘for clinically diagnosed or probable cases where testing is inconclusive, unavailable or not specified’, Australian hospitals (including emergency and non-admitted care) are to assign;

Principal Diagnosis – B34.2 – “Coronavirus infection, unspecified site”
Additional diagnoses – U07.2 “Emergency use of U07.2, Coronavirus NOT identified”

This coding rule is a loop-hole that allows a principal diagnosis of Coronavirus infection to be assigned to anyone who has been tested by mandated authority or has self-presented, where the person has had NO exposure, NO symptoms, & where testing results are INCONCLUSIVE, UNAVAILABLE or NOT SPECIFIED. Alarm bells people!!!

This absolutely shocked me, it does not matter about the additional diagnosis, what matters is that if you are assigned a principal diagnosis of B34.2, you are counted as a coronavirus case & as such, are reported in the relevant State’s case numbers … even if you’ve had no exposure, no symptoms & your testing results are inconclusive, unavailable or not specified.

The integrity of COVID-19 case reporting is criminally misleading and engendering fear and panic that is simply not warranted & is leading our society down a path of self-destruction as people are turning on each other based on separation & false reporting.”

Gem’s references
How to classify COVID-19

Gem also provided the following images:



Upfront payment


Kara Mammo has also provided excellent information here:
Kara’s post

Kara gives references, and she says:

My point is, there is no way that the “current” hospitalisation stats of patients sick with COVID-19, and the current COVID-19 ICU, can be calculated. Past yes (with a few caveats), current no.

Serene Teffaha’s website with contact details:
Advocate Me

Please share this article, to help defeat the draconian and unnecessary measures taken by the Victorian Government.

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