September 23, 2023 10:16 am

Why I Stand With Russia (Ukraine Russia War)


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Why I Stand With Russia (Ukraine Russia War)

By TechLead Show

Ex-Google TechLead on the war between Ukraine vs Russia… and why war is never worth it.

Here’s what others had to say:

I stand with all people that are tired of tyranny, war, lack of freedom and peace.

Zhixiao Liu
I’ve been watching videos made by this man for a long time. He is so good at sarcasm, acting stupid, and gaining heat by discussing topics like this that I can’t tell which one is his real intention.

Andrew Helm
“People try to get a better life, if they can get a job that offers more money they probably will”
Also him 2 months later: “Money won’t make you happy here’s why”

Darcy Stuart-Russell
Anti war sentiment was quite common on Britain in the early days of the war, and completely vanished when German bombs started falling on Britain.

Minh Tam – Akarui Kokoro
“Who ever hold the story and autograph them are controlling the story of an event” – My teacher after teaching about the civil war.

That you start your argument with “dont cancel me because i have an oppositive to the narrative” and how you try to evaluate every other possible narrative is leading me to believe that you are devaluing simple facts of life:
1. Russia attacked Ukraine
2. Russia is targeting civilian infrastructure as a war tactic
3. Civilians have trouble to flee because russia decided to invade Ukraine

The civilians side that you seem so worried about is simple: 1. Flee 2. Stay 3. Fight
Thats all the options they are presented right now. Not a single one of these is easy and everyone of em more expose a person of risk of death or loosing it all.
The reality of it is cruel and frustrating. I understand the argument to just give in to Russia ASAP to end that cruelty. But then what?
People want a better life, yeah. I agree with you there. Thats why they went to march with millions to get rid of Yanukowitsch and his corrupt regime.
They fought long and hard to simply trade with the EU and world in a more efficient manner, with words mind you. (2006-13)
When the Janukowytsch-Regime destroyed that progress, they protested peacefully against it. Finally the protests got so big, that Janukowytsch ordered to beat em down, then shots where fired and shortly after he fled.
Just 5 days after the sudden revolution in 2014 was succesfull, Putin invaded and took the Crimea and parts of the Donbass region. Just like that, the people in those regions had their life taken away from them. I would love the argument how life got better for anyone in those areas or the average Joe?
Infact, life got worse because the average Joe didnt care about what Russia did. Now look where that got us. How is a full scale invasion making anything better, huh?
Zelenskyy surely is no saint but i feel in times of war those make things worse.

Captain USS Broken seeds
What makes a military combatant a combatant?
Military gear: boots gloves rucksack assault pack.
Military movement. Large combat vehicles helicopters air planes.
Large numbers: 1-9 battalions in a area
What makes a civilian a civilian
Having none of things listed above
Which is the majority of people dying.
And since Ukraine didn’t invade
I don’t think the Russian people are calling for help.

Sebastian Pascu
The compulsion to have your opinion heard is so rooted in us that it emerges from depths unknown to the instinct for self-preservation. Each of us awaits his moment in order to propose something- anything. This guy expends his criminal generosity in spinning the facts and handing out a formula of happiness to all Ukrainians without mentioning the wrongdoing of the other side. We are all victims of the universal game…

I stand with humanity. Even thought at times, I’m a grade A misanthorpe. No war, no tyranny, no madness and no extremist fascism please. The only wars I like are fictious wars in comics, film, animation and video games.

We already joined this war by having positions explained to us. “War is essentially propaganda.” – Why would the west use propaganda rhetoric, if not for war?

Ethan Dsouza
“I don’t even know where these countries are”…. Proceeds to give a good synopsis on the historical background between the conflict of Ukraine and Russia.

Christopher F
As an interested tactician I support Ukraine as they are not as big a threat as Russia therefore to have a strong counter to Russia that isn’t too strong is the best tactical option for western powers.

UK Farang Khon Kaen
I respect that you have a different opinion on this to me but I feel that although my knowledge may need to be better on this subject and the history on the two nations, the fact that the ukrainian people don’t want the Russians there should end the argument! Each and every country has its right to sovereignty and if the ukranians don’t want Russia involvement in their nation (which seems to be the general consensus) then my personal opinion or yours should be irrelevant should it not? Just my opinion but it’s important that everybody is entitled to their viewpoint without people just getting angry and shouting expletives.

JR wood
If russia invaded your state right now on the perceived justification of attacking the US federal government for giving weapons to Ukraine would you still stand with russia?
Sincere question!

round thoughts
You know, I live in Germany, and all the terrified civilians fleeing to my country from the Russian Invasion convinced me that, and I know this is controversial, you should not fucking invade other countries.

Well, Finland has a mandatory military service for men. I think in the event of a war, Finland would also force its citizens to fight, at least the men. In WW2 deserters in Finland were shot. But Finland is still and always was a democratic country that doesn’t oppress its citizens. I live in Finland, so I know it from experience. I don’t think your theory holds water, since in a situation where a smaller country is attacked by a larger country, the small country is fighting for its very existence. It would be crazy not to do so by any means necessary. A country at war is in essence an entire army, so it would be an autocracy. In combat, you can’t have the luxury of democratic decisions, because the wrong decisions or too slow decisions could be fatal.

Damn so In your opinion France during WW2 was right to surrender with minimal resistance and the soviet union should have just given everything to Germany because their people “didn’t want to suffer they just wanted to leave”. It seems to me that you either have no idea on history or you just choose to ignore the lessons of our past. No one wants to go out and die but it’s through the sacrifices of countless soldiers that we are not forced to speak german. I don’t know what country you are from but if someone ever invades it I assume your reaction to that invasion is going to be:” Yeah whatever no one wants to fight everyone wants to leave let’s just give up lands that our ancestors have shed blood and sweat to develop and protect because we don’t want to suffer.”

RBLX Tutorials!
Yeah I agree with you! i felt really oppressed during the ukraine war because i felt like if i didn’t say “I love ukraine i support it” or “i feel bad for them!” then i would get hated on

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