August 9, 2022 1:07 pm

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Why Propaganda Has To Be So Pervasive

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By Chris Rossini

Compulsory government ‘schooling’ … ‘Accredited’ college professors … Government-licensed mainstream media … Government-worshipping entertainment industry … Empire-worshipping professional sports leagues … 

The life of an American consists of bouncing around, like a pinball, in a gigantic apparatus of government propaganda. It’s everywhere.

But why?

Why must propaganda be so pervasive? Why can’t it just be a one-shot deal? Why must it be re-enforced, over and over again? Why is it never enough for government? Even Kindergarten is apparently not good enough. Why are they angling for “Universal Pre-K”? 

What’s next? … A government propagandist in every hospital delivery room?

Well, there’s a very important reason why propaganda has to be so constant, and so pervasive….We’re all born free. 

We are all free to think whatever we want, whenever we want, and however we want. In fact, we’re not only born with this freedom, it remains with us our entire lives.

This freedom never ceases. 

Go ahead … right now … try to stop yourself from thinking…Just don’t think.

You can’t do it.

We think all the time, even when asleep! 

So not only are we free to think whatever we want, we do so every moment of our lives. In fact, that’s what it means to be an individual. For no one ever has, nor ever will have, the exact same sequence of thoughts as you. We’re all one-of-a-kind.

We may look similar, dress similar, whatever … but what goes on between the ears is perfectly unique and cannot be duplicated.

We can also think in any direction, and change our minds at any time. One moment we like (A), the next moment we hate (A) and prefer (B) instead.


But now we have to introduce the BIG error.

Some individuals seek power over others. They want to boss other people around with force. They’re not satisfied with the fact that they only have exclusive control over their own thinking, and their own lives.

They have a desire to try to control other people’s lives.

BIG mistake, but mistakes are a part of life.

Obviously, since everyone is free to think whatever they want, this poses a dilemma for the power-seeker. Freedom is the enemy.

Power needs conformity and uniformity. Everyone’s thinking must be in-line with what the power-seeker wants.

Enter propaganda.

The whole purpose of propaganda is to setup barriers as to what is and what is not acceptable to think. These barriers have to be erected early, which is why compulsory government ‘schooling’ is a must for power-seekers.

You can take away whatever you want from the power-seeker, but you’re not taking away his ‘schools.’ That’s his bread-and-butter.

Once the poor kids ‘graduate’ from their grueling years of ‘schooling,’ they’re greeted by Fox News and CNN. The children are adults now, and government-licensed media picks up where the schools left off. Mainstream media keeps the barriers of acceptable thought in place.

Go ahead, choose between Republican and Democrat. Knock yourself out. Fight about it with your friends too, if you can. Teach your children what it means to be a good Republican or Democrat. Be passionate.

As long as everyone stays within the barriers (i.e., as long as no one desires freedom) it’s all good … for those in power.

On and on this goes … from movies … to TV shows … to celebrities … to sporting events.

It has to be pervasive, because at any moment, a person can change their mind and start to desire freedom.

At any moment, a person can think: “You know what, I don’t support war anymore.”

“You know what, I don’t believe this ‘climate change’ stuff anymore. Call me a ‘denier,’ I don’t care.”

“You know what, I don’t have a right to anything that doesn’t belong to me.”

“You know what, don’t tell me what I’m allowed to think or say, or what opinions I’m allowed to have.”

Freedom is dangerous stuff for power-seekers, which is why they have to constantly keep the heat on.

They don’t need everyone to fall for the propaganda. They know that there will always be a few people who will wake up to their natural freedom. But those few people can shoved aside as ‘fringe’ individuals. No need to pay attention to them.

The power-seekers are perfectly fine with some people slipping through the cracks. But they do need everyone else to stay in line. They need enough people who will be too scared to peek outside the barriers.

What about you?

Are you courageous enough to embrace the freedom that you’ve been given….to think beyond the barriers that have been carefully placed before you…to think whatever you want, and then reap the results of your thinking?

Are you wise enough to allow others to enjoy this same gift without seeking to mold them to your will?

If so, you’re one of the few who understand and enjoy the gift of freedom.

*Note We Deliberately Miss Spell Some Words or Add Capital Letters To Get Around Big Tech Censoring.

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