You Think Your Labor Is Worth $15/hr? …. Then Find A Buyer

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By Chris Rossini

Let’s say you’re ready to sell your house. You love the house, have lived there for years, and have a lot of special memories. You’d love to sell it for a million bucks!

Well, if it’s worth a million bucks to someone, it’s your job to find them, tell them the price that you’re asking, maybe give them a little pitch on why they should part with their money, and throw the ball into their court.

If they buy, you’re both better off….It’s a win-win! 

But now let’s say that your prospective buyer does some comparisons. He looks at your neighborhood’s past sales, and he sees that the homes sell for $250,000 on average.

Now you have a problem on your hands.

Your prospective buyer tells you to take your million dollar fantasy and get lost! There’s no way he’s going to give you $1,000,000 for your $250,000 house!

Well you don’t think that’s fair at all. You have a lot of special feelings about your home, and you think you’re entitled to a million bucks.

This line of thinking leads you to being intrigued by some very loud and vocal politicians who say that the minimum buying price for a home SHOULD BE a million dollars!

It’s a RIGHT!

“Fight for a million,” they scream … They even create a hashtag for it.

Here’s a question: What would happen if the government made such an absurd law?

Would someone pay you $1,000,000 for a $250,000 house just because the government says so?

Of course not!

It doesn’t matter what the government says.

No one will buy your house for that price. In fact, the only thing that government has accomplished is it has outlawed you from selling your house at all!

You can’t sell your house to anyone now!

Hopefully you can see where this is all going….

The minimum wage outlaws jobs…..That’s it.

If you have a teenager, or a person with a small skill set, or someone who is not very productive, the government outlaws these individuals from getting a job.

It doesn’t matter what you think your labor is worth. You can think as highly of your skills as you want.

But you need to find a buyer.

If your abilities and skills are worth $5/hr. to buyers, and government’s minimum wage is $15/hr., no one will hire you. It’s that simple.

No one is going to lose money on purpose.

No one is going to buy something purposefully at a loss.

Whatever the minimum wage is, the businesses always adjust. They will fire people, automate, give employees more responsibilities…..Or, in the very sad case, close their business altogether.

There’s only one way to earn the wage that you want — be worth it.

You can’t fake it, and the government can’t make you more valuable by decree.

If you’re not worth it, get to work on yourself right away.

It’s you … not anyone else.


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