YOU Are The White Knight That You’ve Been Waiting For

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In societies where governments and collectivist ideas dominate, most people succumb to having their individuality drilled out of them. The pressure from all angles is just too great to withstand.

This is job number one for those who lust after power. If you want to rule (or pretend to rule) over others, then the others must be stripped of their individual independence. They must be brainwashed into believing that they are dependent. You can’t rule a bunch of individuals who firmly believe in their individual Liberty. Others must believe that they are dependent on you.

As time goes on and those who have been granted power relentlessly squeeze their iron firsts, the dependent individuals can’t help but dream about a white knight who will gallop in to save the day.

The dependent individuals never even consider that they themselves are the only way out of their misery. In their conditioned minds, they can only be saved by someone else — the white knight.

They complain, and scream, and form “movements” … and yet the white knight never comes.

They vote — and vote — and vote — and still the white knight never comes.

Why doesn’t he come?

Is he afraid?

Does he think that the “swamp” will destroy him? Can’t he see that “the people” need him?

If you’re one of “the people” who have been dreaming of a white knight to come and save you, it may be a good time to reconsider.

Here’s the hard truth — No one is coming.

Here’s another hard truth — YOU are the white knight that you’ve been waiting for.

Most people steeped in the ideas of collectivism will immediately discard such a notion. “That’s preposterous! We must be saved by someone else! We must make our voices heard, we need better ‘community organizers,’ …. We need better ‘representatives’ … We … We …. We …”

There is no “We” … There is only YOU.

YOU live on planet with perpetual, unbreakable and indestructible natural laws. Go back to the time of Christ, and even thousands of years before Him and 2+2 has always equaled 4.

The laws of physics are constant. Economic laws are always in place. Supply and Demand has applied to all people at all times. The natural laws are numerous, and no one knows how many are still waiting to be discovered. But they always have been, and always will be, whether we know about them or not.

YOU have the freedom to decide whether you’re going to live in rapport with all of these natural laws or not.

No one can decide this for you.

A white knight cannot gallop in and make you to believe that 2+2=4. You always have the freedom to not believe what he says.

If you need proof that this freedom exists, just look at man-made governments and their dependents. They reject natural laws every single day!

In their collectivist-dominated thinking, they believe that there is strength in numbers against the truth.

If enough people believe that 2+2=5, and if enough people hold up signs stating that 2+2=5, this will make it so.

It doesn’t make it so!

And that’s why so many needlessly suffer. They fight a fight that they cannot win.

YOU, as the white knight of your own life, can avoid the suffering if you desire to do so.

Just accept that 2+2=4 and you will flourish as a result.

But, alas, something so simple is much easier said than done.

The truth is very hard for many people to accept. They may have grown up in a family that has always believed that 2+2=5. They don’t want to upset their relatives, or be different.

They may live in a blue state or red state, where 2+2=5 is sacrosanct. Their job might consist of propagandizing that 2+2=5. What are they supposed to do? Quit their job? That’s a hard decision for most people to make.

Media blares 2+2=5 around the clock. The schools do the same. As do the politicians.

A white knight cannot come in and change this.

Where does he start?

Only individuals (on their own) must decide whether or not they will live in rapport with the natural laws that govern this world.

That’s what freedom is. YOU choose whether you will stick with the truth, no matter what it happens to be. YOU choose whether to use the laws of electricity to light up your life, or burn it down. It can do either one, and it will dutifully follow whichever choice YOU make.

YOU choose whether you believe the collectivist mantras, or not.

Since humanity is made up of individuals, YOU choose your own “foreign policy.” Do you use force and violence when dealing with other individuals, or do you interact with them peacefully and voluntarily?

Will you respect their Life, Liberty & Property, or not?

If YOU consistently choose to live in rapport with all the natural laws of this world, and YOU consistently deal with others in a peaceful and voluntary manner, the idea of needing a white knight to gallop in on his white horse vanishes!

By Chris Rossini

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